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Performance Issue, HD 6970.

Question asked by gh999 on May 3, 2016
Latest reply on May 7, 2016 by gh999

I'm playing an older game that since they changed to OpenGL 3.2 I have been experiencing terrible FPS lag so badly so that it is unplayable, they went from Cg shaders to GLSL shaders.


I am running windows 7 64bit






In the game options it explains that Fragment shaders require 32 texture units but the currently installed OpenGL only supports 18 texture units this I don't understand as my card is capable of 96 texture units.


I have tried installing older drivers, changing application performance settings etc. nothing seems to help.


I have spoken to the developer of the game and he told me that  OpenGL v4.5 might emulate some old feature of v3.2 on the CPU instead of the GPU


Any help with this issue would be appreciated!