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    All the sudden no output on dvi


      Hey all,

          I just recently ran into a problem with my Sapphire R9 290 graphics cards.  This is installed in a system and has been working well since November.  Then a few days ago, I tried to turn it on and was only able to get through the first splash screen of the windows login process.  So the BIOS showed up OK, then the small-blue window logo showed up and the white spinner below it, then the screen goes dark...and never comes back.  My monitor didn't display any messages, but the LED light on it did start blinking - which indicates it has no video signal.  This happened after the system had sat idle for a few weeks (I don't use it much, obviously).  There's only one monitor involved here, and one video card.


      After much going around and around with Windows stuff, I finally got something to work:  I plugged my monitor into the HDMI output of the video card.  Boom!  Everything seems to be working fine.  So my guess is that a high-resolution image is attempted to be output using the AMD driver (as opposed to some basic VGA signal/driver), the output stops working.


      So why did the other output stop working?  How can I switch it back on?  I would rather use the DVI port that I had been using for 6 months - I don't have a spare cable or adapter.  (I had one adapter, but I need that for another system that I do use frequently.)


      Is there a default-port setting in the driver?  I couldn't find anything like that.  I believe that I tried the other DVI port and it also wasn't showing anything - I'll have to retest that.




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          I did go and try the other DVI port and had the same issues - as soon as the full AMD driver kicks in when booting Windows (during the transition from the blue window-logo splash screen to the full Win 10 login screen) the DVI ports stop working.  The HDMI port outputs video all the way along.

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              Well, I have fixed the issue with the DVI ports apparently - no idea WHY it works, but it works now.


              Someone on the Windows thread I started suggested I turn off Quick Boot in the BIOS.  I had an option for 'Quick Boot' under the 'Advanced BIOS options' area that was enabled; I turned that off and sure enough, I am now able to boot into Windows just fine using the DVI output of my video card.


              Why would that fix it, though?  I didn't change BIOS settings between when it last worked and when it started to fail?


              And I wonder if re-enabling it now would NOT break things.  Yep!  Turning it back ON still lets me see Windows load up with the DVI connector.  I wonder if it was merely a matter of forcing the BIOS to save that caused something to correct itself, and not really the specific setting involved.  Once corrected it would work from there forward.


              I'll keep my fingers crossed.