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Dell 15R SE Blue screen everytime installing AMD driver on W7,W8 and W10

Question asked by doctorg on May 3, 2016

Hey Guys,


For the last 3 years or so the laptop worked perfectly fine. Every few months I would be reinstalling windows from 7 to 8 or 7 to 10 or 10 to 7. The AMD drivers used to install flawless up until my recent reinstall.


I have jumped from W7 to W10 (fresh install). The driver were working fine initially but then kept crashing every few minutes. Not think much of it, I just went back to W7. Now every time I try to install the AMD graphic drivers, I will get a blue screen. I get the blue screen of pretty much any OS.


At this stage I've disabled AMD under device manager and am just using Intel HD graphics.


I'm led to believe that my GPU is gone but I'm not sure at all since it was working perfectly fine. Running the built in Dell diagnostic on the GPU, it passes the test.


I have no clue why it keeps blue screening.


PS: I have tried different driver versions from both Dells website and AMDs