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    Full screen problem with 16.2.1


      So I'm having switchable graphics HD 7660G and HD 7970M. After they put 7660G in the legacy I cant update drivers higher than 16.2.1. But the problem is, with these drivers I can't go full screen in videos, like youtube or any else. The screen just goes black and when I esc it the whole web page becomes black (Google Chrome) until I restart Chrome.

      Please help.

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          Please provide more information so we can help.



          Couple of things you can try in the meantime to resolve the issue. 


          1. Disabling hardware acceleration in Chrome

          2. Using a different browser.

          3. Copy the Chrome executable and rename is Chrome2.exe and place a shortcut to it on your deskop. Now add Chrome2.exe to Catalyst Control Center and set it to High Performance mode. 

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              I have MSI GX60 Laptop, Windows 10 64bit, LEN40B2 Display (I believe, since in device manager it just says LCD 1920x1080), CPU: AMD A10-4600M, DDRIII 8GB RAM (4GB*2).


              Tried disabling hardware acceleration, seems like it helped for now. But I'm not sure, since SOMETIMES it was working without me changing anything and sometimes it was not...

              I tried using Edge when this problem accuared and the problem was still there, but acted differently, the page was just crashing.

              Haven't tried the 3rd one.