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    AMD Video Coding Engine


      Hey guys I was wondering, is there a way to use the AMD Video Encoding Engine on a separate graphics card. AKA use one card for the main play, then another card for the actual recording? If yes, is there a way to set that up on Open Broadcaster software?

      Example: I have a PowerColor R9 390, and I would like to use the R9 280x I have laying around for the encoding lol.

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          https://obsproject.com/forum/threads/obs-branch-with-amd-vce-support.13996/  use this OBS fork


          "Device TopoID is the 'physical' location on motherboard, not device vendor ID etc. as you can have more than 1 device with same ID. Check log (window). It only affects OVE because if I'm not missing something, you can't specify device for AMF (yet). But it could be using the device that AMF context got init'ed with. If that's the case then it uses the selected device from Video > Video Adapter."


          have in mind that you are FORCED to use AMF with all modern drivers


          i think there you can choose that option (in AMD VCE Encoder) -> but im not sure if it works // ps when i get hands on a R9 380X (as i requested) i can check this for you (but can take some time)


          there u find the option - on the left-middle below IME Search Range

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            i think i can already test it with my Notebook - it has an APU and a dGPU -> should be same problem as in your question.


            i will check today and answer soon