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R9 380x Nitro bad performance

Question asked by seviin on May 2, 2016
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While playing EU4 and CK2 demo my gpu core clock reaches maximum 350 Mhz[forcing 1040 Mhz with Radeon pro gives nothing],this makes my frame rate something around 15-20 FPS with 5x speed.Another games like Dragon age Inquisition or Witcher 3 run very good on the highest settings.On my previous card[GTX 660] I had much better performance.This 20 fps looks strange[literally unplayable stuttering]on all settings[1024x768 and 1920x1080 give the same results,no matter of graphics options,btw 30 fps on my R9 380X looks way worse than before on gtx 660,a good example is la noire,in which 30 fps was good earlier,but now it's unplayable].


R9 380X

I7 4770K

8GB RAM DDR3 1600 Mhz

PSU Corsair Builder Series CX 600W 80+

Windows 8.1



Sorry for my english tho