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PC always crashes during installing or uninstalling crimson drivers

Question asked by xerxares on May 2, 2016
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I am having this weird issue.

I usually install new drivers as they are released, but i have been having trouble installing crimson drivers (whatever version).  My computer always crashes during installation and even when uninstalling drivers (PC just hangs), therefor getting a clean install is also hard and it hasn't changed anything either (have used some other utilities to get registry clean of AMD stuff). I have had some success when installing driver and utilities separately or one by one, i still get crashes, but something always installs and in the end it somehow works (the driver anyway), although if installing driver separately and the installer actually finishes, it will tell me that it didn't install drivers anyway (gives me this message as a reason for failing: the driver package does not specify a hardware identifier). Mostly have problems with Radeon settings sofware later as it sometimes wont start with windows or just crashes if i try to change some settings (obviously something has been messed up because of crashes). But i don't seem to have any problems playing games or using whatever uses video hardware. My problems are with installing/uninstalling and using Radeon settings. It is always a very hard going (several hours and many-many restarts) and i am amazed my PC hasn't given up on me yet.

Would be very happy to rid myself of this problem but i haven't found anything useful with google or in the forums here.  (maybe i just dont know how to ask correctly...)


Im using deskdop system with ASROCK z77 extreme4-m motherboard

GPU: ASUS r9 290x-DC2

CPU: i5 3570k


OS drive: crucial mx100 256GB SSD

OS: win10 64

drivers....Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.4.1 (although i have installed 16.4.2 beta drivers..tried at least)

PSU: cooler master GM-series 650W