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Black Screen on dark areas.

Question asked by carlm on May 2, 2016

Hi, when i'm displaying pictures, games or anything with a lot of black or dark colors my monitor goes black. The computer keeps running and the programs and games still continue behind the black screen. You can make it go away by looking at something bright, let me give you an example. I play a game where the ground is very dark but the sky is still somewhat bright. If I look at the ground my monitor will go black, but if I look up at the sky it will start displaying again. You can keep doing this over and over. It happens in multible places and in different games, but it's always when the screen gets too dark or black. Does anyone know what could cause this? I'm not sure it's my graphics card, but i was hoping someone here might know what could cause it.

Specs: Intel i5 6500, Sapphire R9 380, BenQ XL2411, 2x4gb hyperx ram, MSI H170 GAMING M3.