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Amd 7400m  AMD VIDEO_TDR_ERROR (atikmpag.sys) someone help me

Question asked by saitanma on May 1, 2016
Latest reply on May 7, 2016 by saitanma

every thing started when i was playing Cs Go !! the game chrashed after some time the screen went black and BOSD appeared !! I have the picture too! i installed another copy of windows and disabled the amd driver from device manager so everithing is fine now except the amd driver is disabled !but i want to enable cuz my vram and gaming performance is decreasing !! but when i enabled before this the same problem appeared!! i need so help with this !! how can i use both of the gpus ! And i watnt to fix this without losing any files ! i have already lost many important files !! Hope there is someone who will help me and thanks in anvance

PS: my laptop is Dell N4050 inspiron bacaf6d7-f8f2-459a-82e7-d6648575efdb_zpsj0xhwpvv.jpg