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R9 390 stutters in Heroes of the Storm

Question asked by bla on Apr 30, 2016
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My R9 390 stutters in HoTS. The frames don't really drop but I get micro stutters regardless of the setting I put the game in (low or ultra). I have tried to mess with the Crimson settings and had no luck. I have tried to overclock and downclock my card and still had no luck. CAM shows that my card is barely being used. My card is mostly at 0% and then it shoots up to 70-80% and back to 0. Any ideas?


System Specs:

Fractal Design Define S

Asus Z97-ar

16gigs of Corsair Vengence 1600mhz

4790k (stock clock: 4.0 base, 4.4 boost)

Sapphire r9 390 Nitro with backplate

Dual Samsung 850 EVO SSD

EVGA 650W SuperNova G2 80+ Gold Rated


Update (8/30/2016):

So it has been a few months since I first posted this. Since then I have invested in a freesync monitor and proceeded to play various other games such as GTA 5, Rainbow Six Siege, Just Cause 3, City Skylines, Overwatch, Dead by daylight, etc. All of the mentioned games run like BUTTER on max settings. In fact, so good that I decided to come back to HoTs and check it out. To my disappointment HoTs still runs like crap on my computer. So I decided to investigate this further.


Here is what I did:

Reinstall the game and battlenet

Reinstall the drivers

Update Bios

Update Windows 10

Raptr& ON

Raptr& OFF

Kill Background processes

Overclock&OverVolt GPU

Overclock&UnderVolt GPU

Underclock&OverVolt GPU

Underclock&UnderVolt GPU

XMP profile ON

XMP profile OFF

Window resolution timer set to 1ms

Power settings: High Performance



In game max settings: 71 fps constant (not smooth)

In game medium settings: 71 fps constant (not smooth)

In game low settings: 71 fps constant (still not smooth)




Nothing seems to be fixing the issue. According to MSI afterburner my GPU and CPU aren't even stressed. There are no bottlenecks at all. This must be a game optimization issue on Blizzards part for AMD users OR AMDs terrible driver. Both are very plausible in my opinion.


Update (9/9/2016):


My problem is fixed. I have not sure what exactly did it but here are the things I did. I downloaded spybot and turned off all of windows privacy leaks. I then went ahead set every thing in the crimson interface as "application specified" and to my surprise, the game runs buttery smooth. After 9 months this fixed. If you have any questions let me know.