Please bring back multi-monitor support without the use of EyeFinity features within the Crimson series!

Discussion created by supportthesmallguy on Apr 30, 2016

I started this off as a bit of a rant so I deleted it.  I would like to utilize older monitors of various resolutions that will interface just fine with the R9 290 card I have, but I would like the old way of supporting multiple displays with desktop extensions (no EyeFinity).  EyeFinity does not appear to play well with various resolutions for the used displays, and I physically have the monitors in a configuration that is not an available selection for EyeFinity (2 FullHD on top, 1 4:3 on the bottom).  Catalyst handled custom configurations like this just fine, but since now only EyeFinity configurations appear to be supported in Crimson I have not been able to properly utilize all the monitors.


This ability of handling a wider variety of desktop configurations was probably ditched in order to concentrate efforts on the more bread 'n' butter aspects of the drivers, I realize that.  The convenience of the additional flexibility the Catalyst drivers offered is sorely missed.


Can anyone else relate?