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16.4.2 Hotfix  problem  and same time  FPs  problem

Question asked by ellween on May 1, 2016

Hi guys , well i have problem :  i installed  crismon 16.4.2 hotfix  and when i press check for update  appears  16.3.2 update .. i dont know why .. okay forget  about this  i clicked update  and when its done   and  i clicked  check for update   there is  again new update now  again 16.4.2   i dont know what is going    this is first problem  i have  an other one 
  when i am playing game  world of warcraft    and i have installed  crimson  16.4.2  my fps is normal but  suddenly it drops to 18-20  then i am going to uninstall crismon  again install and everything is cool  then it happens again and again     SRY FOR MY ENGLISH  I AM GONNA LEARN I PROMISE ;dddd