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ASUS Radeon 295X2 only working with Crimson 15.12

Question asked by impsak on May 1, 2016
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The only drivers I can run my steam games with is Crimson 15.12. When I try to install newer drivers my steam games will freeze like 1/3rd of a second after starting them up.

F.eks: Killing floor 2. Screen goes red. computer freezes. (1 second of sound from icon/text screen is auditable)

Red orchestra 2, computer freezes after sliightly seeing the start text/icon of the game 1 second after trying to launch it.


The fix is aaalways to go back to 15.12 Crimson driver, and then my steam games startes up as normal again.


So what has happened with the drivers post 15.12 which makes me not able to play games with my 295x2 GPU ?

I have also sent some subscribes to AMD with no feedback (1 for each new driver except for this one)



Windows 10 64bit

ASUS Maximus VIII Alpha Hero motherboard

Skylake 6700K CPU    (running at 4.5 manualy OC.)

2x8 GB og G.skill sticks supported kit by my motherboard (running at 2666mhz with XMP profile)

ASUS Radeon R9 295x2 GPU


Hopefully someone can help me. As I really want to be able to use the latest drivers where freesync is more stable etc. (freesync seems to flicker on 15.12 in windows. but not with 16.xx.xx)


Latest driver I tried was 16.4.2 hotfix. (im now gonna un install this and go back to 15.12 so that I can play games..)


Thanks for any feedback