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    ASUS Radeon 295X2 only working with Crimson 15.12




      The only drivers I can run my steam games with is Crimson 15.12. When I try to install newer drivers my steam games will freeze like 1/3rd of a second after starting them up.

      F.eks: Killing floor 2. Screen goes red. computer freezes. (1 second of sound from icon/text screen is auditable)

      Red orchestra 2, computer freezes after sliightly seeing the start text/icon of the game 1 second after trying to launch it.


      The fix is aaalways to go back to 15.12 Crimson driver, and then my steam games startes up as normal again.


      So what has happened with the drivers post 15.12 which makes me not able to play games with my 295x2 GPU ?

      I have also sent some subscribes to AMD with no feedback (1 for each new driver except for this one)



      Windows 10 64bit

      ASUS Maximus VIII Alpha Hero motherboard

      Skylake 6700K CPU    (running at 4.5 manualy OC.)

      2x8 GB og G.skill sticks supported kit by my motherboard (running at 2666mhz with XMP profile)

      ASUS Radeon R9 295x2 GPU


      Hopefully someone can help me. As I really want to be able to use the latest drivers where freesync is more stable etc. (freesync seems to flicker on 15.12 in windows. but not with 16.xx.xx)


      Latest driver I tried was 16.4.2 hotfix. (im now gonna un install this and go back to 15.12 so that I can play games..)


      Thanks for any feedback

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          I have a very similar system to you.


          I too have the r9 295x2 which seemed to work perfectly with windows 7 and 8.


          Since Windows 10 came out every driver from Amd for me has various breaking bugs. I am not exaggerating on this either at all. Iy has all become a bit of a joke.


          Directx 9 games have all sorts of issues, stuttering, hitching, crossfire behaving strangely. Disabled card getting hotter than the active one. Constant fluctuations from 0 to 100 usage when crossfire is disabled.


          Trying other games and I am getting spike drops to 0 constantly no matter if crossfire is on or off.


          Most dx 10 and 11 games appear smooth with little judders every now and then. When you look at the cards usage it still has spike drops to 0 constantly.


          There is not one fully working driver for me for the r9 295x2 in Windows 10. Some drivers profiles don't work at all, some I get black screens from, others looses signal to the monitor, dx 9 does not work in all. Crossfire is having no benefits in any games with most of the Crimson drivers.


          I tried my old gtx680 back in and it all works fine every game, even dx 9 games.


          I find the pre Crimson drivers a little smoother for dx 10 and 11 but they all have the problem of not being able to turn off Crossfire for dx 9 games.


          The latest Crimson beta has the ability to disable crossfire in dx games but I still don't think it is actually working properly somehow. The games stutter constant and freeze for split second before jumping forward. The cards usage fluctuates just like it does when crossfire is enabled. All dx 9 games have flashing textures and shadows since the latest beta.


          I think there is real breaking issues in the drivers for our r9 295x2 in Windows 10 all of them. At the moment gaming using AMD is a complete chore and is really spoiling my limited gaming time.


          I will not be buying anything else from AMD at all it just is not worth it.


          Windows 10 has been out a long time now there is no excuse for non working drivers.


          So as of now I have a choice of going back to earlier Windows or ditching AMD and having to buy an Nvidia card.


          I know my way around my pc and have been installing drivers properly for years. I have never had as many issues with a graphics card as I have had with AMD and windows 10.


          Always the advice is to roll back drivers which we can't do as for some reason all drivers in Windows 10 for the r9 295x2 are broken, so we are stuck between a rock and hard place.


          Windows 10 is the latest OS and is now sold with pc's so AMD need working drivers quickly. As DX 12 comes online and games start showing some progression AMD is going to get left behind unless their driver team pull their fingers out and come up with some fixes and not just useless work around. Also out cards should be working with software provided and we should not have to use third party programs just to keep them working.


          Some people have had their cards damaged due to fans not even coming on this is shocking and I am surprised the tech media hasn't jumped all over AMD.

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              I guess there must be others with similar issues using 295x2 in windows 10 ?


              The problem might also be that the 295x2 is a rare card.


              But its a card for enthusiasts and their flag ship.. and they need to fix this.


              The card might be old now, but should be able to push high resolution i new games with 100+fps for quite some time into the future.


              AMD, please have a look at this. Any knowledge about this ?

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              Same here my 295X2 was giving me problems (System freeze) on my X99 (Win 10 Pro) ,and z97 (Win 8.1 Pro) platforms when running Crimson 16 .4 .2 driver (games only) . This morning i clean installed Crimson 16.2.1 just to test, and it ran with no problems. So i'm thinking this is a driver issue. My fear is with Polaris, launching in the future, driver compatibility with older GPU Architecture will have more problems.

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                Yes, that would be sad. Spending xxxx dollars on a GPU. And it does not work properly in windows 10 due to drivers.


                For my part, I can play all games with Crimson 15.12       (released in november i think)


                But all newer drivers freezes my computer in the games I have tired launching through steam.


                Do you guys know if AMD reads thorough these issues on the forum here, or if they only read the bug reports we send in ?

                I would like to get feedback from at least one of the reports like: this is a known issue and we are working on it.

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                  Something in Windows 10 must be different to windows 7 and 8 regarding graphics and the amd drivers.

                  Why this seems to effect the r9 295x2 more than others I don't know but I have fully and thoroughly test all drivers with my r9 295x2 in two different pc's with different hardware.  Both pre and post Crimson has similar problems and bugs. Crossfire seems to act very strange especially in directx 9 games to a point where games are unplayable due to freezes and hitches, spikes in gpu usage, flashing textures and shadows. This is with crossfire turned off and on. I personally don't think the programs and the drivers fully turn off one of the cards properly and it is still being used in someway. I get little spikes on the disabled card every so often. The card with the usage always fluctuates up and down from 0 to 100. This also happens in other dx build games.


                  I also find the AMD card never syncs properly to 60hz like they way my NVidia cards did. If I used to cap my fps to 60 with NVidia I used to find no screen tearing as it would sync to 60hz pretty well with Amd I always have a constant tear line moving slowly up the screen as it seems to be synced to 59.something hz  rather than 60hz.


                  Now I know you can still get tearing with vsync off at the same refresh rate as fps, as it is just to do with how refresh works but I have found my Amd card does not handle it as good as my gtx680 I never got issues with tearing capping to 60fps as I do with AMD. I never got stuttering and hitching when vsync is off in some  games as I do with the r9 295x2


                  Bo3 still has flashing shadows in fullscreen in both crossfire on and off. I have to use borderless windowed.


                  All the issues are driver based there is no doubt about it. I just don't think AMD have got to grips with the changes in Windows 10. Dx 9 memory is used in a different way to earlier windows has this been taken into consideration?


                  Again place a gtx 680 ftw in the pc and everythings runs fine, games are playable again. I would keep the NVidia card in if it wasn't needed in the lads pc.


                  I just feel very let down as I don't have a lot of gaming time now due to work and family commitments and now when I do game I have to put up with game breaking bugs and badly running games due to drivers. It is not my system or how it is running it is drivers and they need fixing for a card that was sold as a flagship card or AMD should replace our cards with something that fully works with the current drivers? Again rolling back is not a fix as all drivers have issues with the r9 295x2 and windows 10 still.

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                    I can also confirm that this is the 2nd computer im running this 295x2 GPU in and I have experienced same issues on both.


                    Windows 7 was perfect. Always worked fine with the old catalyst drivers in windows 7.


                    My old system was: Rampage IV extreme motherboard and a 3960x CPU.


                    I had the same issue with these drivers when running windows 10 on my previous build.


                    This is definitely a issue with Crimson drivers in Windows 10

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                        If you try the pre Crimson catalyst drivers you will also find they have many of the same issues as the Crimson, yes they don't have as many stutter issues but they have many game profile and downclocking of clocks issues, crossfire issues with dx9, poor dx9 performance compared to windows 7 and 8.


                        try Skyrim if you have it with the drivers both pre and post crimson you will notice no change. Both crossfire on and off has all sorts of stutter and hitching when things load in like lods or the next ugrids. Gtx 680 has no issues with Skyrim on same pc even moded. The base game with no mods or ini changes runs like a game with 100's of mods and a ugrids of 11 when using the r9 295x2 and windows 10.


                        The game stutters when facing certain directions most noticeably indoors, this can be stopped using dxtory and cap the game at 60 fps but then it judders and hitches in other ways and makes it just as rotten to play.


                        All of these issues in Skyrim were not there before Windows 10 and amd drievrs.

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                        Also crossfire does not enable in some games too, with the new drivers. So the drivers set to default crossfire must only work if the game is now set up to use it. We can force afr friendly and other settings be we can't force default crossfire mode.

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                            Here is the usage with crossfire on and off in the same graph. Every game looks like this, look at the little spikes on the disabled card even though it is supposed to be off. Look at the spikes up and down when crossfire is disabled which is basically the same as when it is on.


                            crossfire on and off.JPG


                            Notice how low my temp is. It is the same temp when I am using windows  it never goes up shows how little of the card is being used when gaming. Totally broken drivers.

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                            Do you guys know if this is only us, frustrated writing to each other.


                            Or is there possibility the AMD driver tech. goes in and reads through these issues ?


                            I have now done 3-4 bug reports for my card, where I cant play steam games post Crimson 15.12, because my computer crashes before first sign of any start up animation or text even launches if I use any newer Crimson drivers..


                            Also have everyone reported their bugs with 295x2 ? the more the better I would guess. So that they see they need to look into it.


                            Or else Im afraid our 1xxx+ GPUs which still should be quite future proof might end up unusable.

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                              I also think they read these forums.AMD has really stepped up their game in the driver department. Good power management ,and lower clocks speeds while maintaining good FPS on some pretty high settings . Real good things coming from the driver team.Unfortunately bugs happen,but will eventually get worked out. So hang in there my fellow 295X2 owners,i am pretty sure they are working on it.

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                                Nice to hear


                                Would just have been nice with a short feedback that "its being looked into"

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                                  One more thing, If you look at the "known" issues on the latest Crimson 16.5.1 Hotfix driver. There is no mention of these issues with the 295x2.


                                  There is stated that games might crash with Evolved overlay activated.


                                  But I have not even started Evolved so eliminate as many things as possible.

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                                    Dont know why that answer from me above got marked as correct.. I must have ticked something.

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                                          I spent a good amount of time trying to get it running on windows 8.1 Pro,and Win 7 Pro. I finally got it working on Crimson 16.3.2 ,16.4.2,and 16.5.1.

                                      I uninstalled through control panel the following: AMD Install Manager,Plays TV,Raptr,and Vulkan Run time Libraries. Instead of rebooting right away i ran this: Display Driver Uninstaller Download version it will give you the option to run it in safe mode,and i did. After everything was finished ,i then ran CCleaner - Free Download - Piriform to clean up any left over registry files,installed the new drivers ,and it worked. No more game freezes . R9 295X2 is back in business,crushing games at highest res,and settings.

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                                        Another thing i forgot to mention, (This has been a issue with my 295x2 on both builds (Skylake and sandy bridge) after going over to windows 10.


                                        This only happens when the computer has been turned all the way off and started up again. Around 1-2 min after windows 10 has loaded, the 295x2 fan suddenly starts spinning at 100%... the only fix is to "Restart Windows" with the windows restart button on start menu. When windows has loaded again after a restart, then the fan will spin "silent" until I start gaming or whatever to stress the GPU as normal.

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                                          15.12 is also the last working version for me with a 295x2. I have it even worse, the driver fails midway through installation on Win10 locking up the computer, I have to hard reboot then have a screwed up graphics system. Since Win10 auto updates, without turning off all updating via a trick it auto installs the latest driver which kills the system. I've resintalled Win10 several times so this occurs in a virgin system, on a box that is vanilla otherwise. 


                                          I've tried contacting AMD support, but that's impossible as their reply email has a SAP error and returns to me undelivered. This computer has been down for a few weeks and there's nothing I've been able to do, I hate to say I'm probably moving to Nvidia and saying goodbye to all of this.


                                          Does anybody have a link to downloading this driver? My system is wedged and I'd like to try installing a working driver again and killing Windows updates.

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                                            Well I be damned... "deadbc77" if you were here now I would hug you so hard that my girlfriend would get jealous...


                                            It worked! AMD should go official and tell people this because their official "how to remove all leftovers from old drivers procedure" does not work. And the AMD crimson uninstaller does not work properly either then..


                                            First off, I have always used DDU after booting back into windows when I uninstall drivers... the new thing now is that I also used CCleaner as "deadbc77" describes above here.


                                            One more time I will explain what "deadbc77" step by step wrote above here, and how I got this working! FINALLY!!!


                                            1. Go into Control Panel and Progs/Apps in Windows 10, and Uninstall AMD drivers as normal...

                                            2. Restart Windows 10 after AMD crimson is finished uninstalling

                                            3. Run DDU v15.7.5.5  (Display Driver Uninstaller)

                                            4. Choose to run it in safe mode. Then it will restart windows and boot back into windows 10 in safemode.

                                            5. Choose to clean all AMD drivers within DDU. Restart windows into normal mode again after.

                                            6. What I did not is that I ran "Registry booster" 2016 (just because I have a bought version of this, but I doubt that this was the program who fixed it)

                                            7. Now straight after I ran registry booster I started the free version of CCleaner, and cleaned the registry.

                                            8. I ran CC cleaner 1 more time.. and it found 14 more errors.. then cleaned those as well.

                                            9. Restarted Windows 10

                                            10. Went to amd.com and downloaded (again since I deleted them) the newest AMD Crimson 16.5.1 driver

                                            11. Restart Windwos

                                            12. All good!! Amazing. No freeze. Games starts as normal.


                                            Thanks deadbc77


                                            AMD, you should really make this official somehow!

                                            (You can exclude registry booster 2016 I'm quite sure)


                                            But I'm actually going to buy the pro version of CCleaner! (no I'm not a CCleaner employee) lol

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                                              I want to set the above reply as "green" / correct answer but I am not allowed to since I somehow managed to do that higher up..

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                                                OK, so i got my 295x2 working as written above with the latest AMD Crimson drivers.


                                                But now I got a new issue. I am using ASUS GPU Tweak 2 to set which mode I want GPU to run.

                                                It has 3 modes: Silent Mode, Gaming Mode and OC mode. (I usually set it to gaming mode when gaming)


                                                The only GPU tweak 2 version that was working with AMD 15.12 was v1.1.8.3 (if I installed the newer 1.2+ GPU tweak versions, windows 10 would blue screen when starting up games)

                                                Now I have the same issue with version with the newest Crimson 16.5.1...


                                                So maybe now I need to Install the newest GPU tweak to get Crimson 16.5.1 to work together.

                                                Note! computer only crashes when GPU tweak is actually set to either OC, Gaming or Silent mode. If the application is just running without I have choosen any of these modes, the games will still launch and work.


                                                I will try to play around with newer GPU tweak applications. Hopefully the uninstall function works for GPU tweak so when installing a new version its a fresh one..

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                                                  Finally got AMD Crimson 16.5.2 drivers to work with ‘’newest’’ GPU tweak


                                                  I had to install Corsair Link (for my Corsair AX1500i PSU) so that the OCP (over current protection) within the PCI-E rails of the Corsair AX1500i PSU is activated to 40 amp


                                                  For some reason GPU Tweak makes the ASUS 295x2 GPU need more amps when changing profiles. I think by default the OCP setting within the AX1500i PSU is set to 20amp, which is too low for newer GPU Tweak II versions



                                                  Working versions:

                                                  AMD Crimson 16.5.2

                                                  GPU Tweak

                                                  Corsair Link

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                                                    Actually... the final fix goes like this... does not seem like the Corsair AX1500i PSU handles fast current changes to fast....





                                                    1. Let Corsair Link be included in Windows 10 startup list (make sure OCP is set to 40 amp)

                                                    2. Start GPU Tweak II manually after Corsair Link has loaded its settings

                                                    3. Do not load any Profile settings just yet within GPU Tweak II

                                                    4. Start GPU-Z, tick the question mark next to “Bus Interface”… start windowed “Render Test”

                                                    5. Now the 295x2 starts using some amps from the PSU.

                                                    6. You can now choose one of the profiles within GPU Tweak 2… seems like the AX1500i can’t handle these

                                                            profiles to be ticked without the GPU starting to use some amps from the PCI-E rails first….





                                                    Only way to get it working...

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                                                      Problem is now 100% cured.. Had to properly uninstall GPU Tweak 2 by manually deleting folder after uninstall..

                                                      Then run CCleaner registry x2 times to clean all registry.


                                                      Then I installed GPU Tweak II    v And its all good! no resets. All GOOD!!!


                                                      Asus GPU Tweak is making my computer having power surges!


                                                      Link to the whole case and solution:


                                                      AMD 295x2 on ASUS Maximus VIII Hero Alpha - Causing power surges