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Problem with DPI scaling when using Virtual Super Resolution

Question asked by brightel on May 1, 2016

My specs: (1.May.2016)


Latest Radeon: 16.3.2

Latest AMD Gaming Evolved App (Raptr) (I cant read the version I'll explain later)

Gpu: Asus R9 390X 8gb (two gpu in same card)


Asus R9 390X DirectCU II 8GB GDDR5 512Bit AMD Radeon DX12 Ekran Kartı - Vatan Bilgisayar this is my card


Im really happy about it but I experienced an issue,



I used Virtual Super Resolution (1080p -> 1800p) It worked perfectly I resized everything using windows dpi settings




Some apps still kept 1080p scale; inc Raptr, Steam (in game tab) so I barelly read any text while using them

I used this guide but it didnt worked

(as shown in attachment "ss.jpg")

("attach.jpg" shows an ss of Raptr)