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Firefox + Radeon Software causing system crash

Question asked by chummy on Apr 30, 2016

Hello, after long time experiencing trouble with AMD Crimson driver while using Firefox i decide to come here to provide information since reporting issue direct to AMD had no effect and i see not many users complaining about same problem.


Since Crimson 16.3 Firefox started causing Black Screen which keep all system frozen till manual power reset. This black screen sometimes save TDR dump files to specific folder with 0x117 and 0x141 code. I was trying everything i think to solve it, uninstalling plugins, full reinstall of Firefox, trying 64 bit Firefox and nohing of these worked. Apparently uninstalling AMD driver and keep only Windows basic driver Firefox stop crashing system.


But now i'm in doubt if that is a driver or Hardware problem and looking for any advise.


Sapphire r9 390 + Windows 8.1