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Thanks AMD - dead PC, ruined life, what to do?

Question asked by ctrlaltdeluxe on May 1, 2016
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This is a rant, venting steam, and a problem I can't solve which affects my life tremendously. If you're not in the mood to read another sob story, don't.


I've always been an AMD supporter, at least when it comes to GPUs. Every single GPU I've ever had was an AMD GPU. The one I have now, however, is the last one.


Problems began immediately after I bought it. Mind you computer components are extremely expensive in my country (compared to the rest of the world). I bought a R9 280x which cost me 350 Euros, and that's almost a full year after release. I got home, plugged in the GPU and...the PC would freeze within minutes of watching videos or playing games. I RMAd it and turns out it's a factory problem (the troublesome Elpida memory might have been the culprit, who knows). I had to wait 2 weeks for a new GPU and the moment I got it home...exactly the same problem. I then had to send in my PC and wait for a month (the company selling the GPUs didn't believe 2 GPUs in a row could be faulty). It turns out the second GPU was also bad. After almost 2 months I finally got my PC back with a working GPU.


And now, 2 years later, my PC isn't posting, at all. Troubles began as soon as I installed the newest Crimson drivers. Games began to crash for no apparent reason with directx errors, web browsers began to display black squares and games also started to display artifacts before crashing. Last night however I got a BSOD and the PC rebooted on its own. It rebooted fine though and everything was as it is. I thought to myself I'd keep the new drivers unless I get a new BSOD, I'd then revert back to the last Catalyst drivers. Things never got that far.


I turned off my PC and went to bed. This morning I tried to turn it on but to no avail. The PC won't post, at all. As far as I can tell it's the power supply since all fans work, the mobo lights up properly, I've tried taking out my RAM and got a continuous beeping sound indicating there is no RAM, etc. There is no beeping sound at all when I insert the RAM module, hence the PC doesn't post. However, if it's the power supply then how come the fans work and the mobo lights up? I'm terribly confused. I do know however that all these problems started with the crimson drivers and my GPU being louder than usual and crashing all the time since I've installed them. And yes, before you ask, I did remove ssd, hdd, gpu and everything else when trying to turn on my PC.


Why is your life ruined, I hear you asking.


Well I have a research paper deadline until Saturday. It's Sunday now, however it's labor day. In my country labor day is celebrated by not working. In fact, nothing works. It's Sunday anyway so nothing would be open right? The problem is that because it's Sunday labor day will be celebrated on Monday and Tuesday as well, meaning no store will be open until Wednesday. The ONLY hardware store in my vicinity doesn't have any hardware at hand, they store the hardware at another location in another city. Hence I'll be able to ORDER the PSU on Wednesday and get it by the end of NEXT week. By then I'll be a week late with the research paper and that's only IF the problem is my power supply, which I can't test at all since no one in my vicinity has a power supply with a main 8pin mobo connector for me to test the PC or at least transfer all my research paper data over to my laptop (I know, I'm stupid for not making a backup) so I could make the deadline.


Now I know my power supply could have been failing all this time on its own without me knowing and that the new Crimson drivers have nothing to do with it, but I sincerely doubt it because all these crashing problems started only with the new drivers. And even if AMD isn't responsible I really need to blow off some steam. So thank you AMD, from the bottom of my heart, for making my life that much harder. Never again AMD, never again.


As for the question, does anyone know what I could do? Can anyone help me at all?


My configuration is:

Intel i5 4670

Gigabyte G1 sniper B5 mobo

Gigabyte R9 280x factory OC

8 gb Kingston DDR3 1600 Mhz

Chieftec GPS 600A8 600W power supply

Windows 10 64x


PS I don't overclock anything (other than the GPU factory OC) and I've tried taking out the mobo battery and clearing the CMOS.