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amdkmdap driver reset occurring in 16.4.2 on my R285 on Alien Isolation and Shadows of Mordor

Question asked by lakesideguy on Apr 30, 2016

It could be happening in more games but so far I've noticed I got hit with it sometime after 16.3 I'm not sure what did it.

Upon reading it appears im not alone that others are seeing this on 16.4 or later.


So I opened a Crimson bug report and survery and sent it and so I don't have to retype the whole thing again here it is:

Turn on graphics setting on high in both games checked.

Run at 1080p or 720p it doesn't seem to matter.


After playing for roughly 30 minutes or so and quite randomly your screen will go black and not recover or the game exe will crash right in the middle of playing the game.

I have two Radeon R285's.  One is a Powercolor R285 and the other is a XFX Radeon R285.

Both have exhibited the problem as they were in crossfire but then I went to single configuration and tested each card.

I took it out of crossfire due to a seperate problem with the G633 headset that I opened with AMD and logitech.

Since they both exhitbit the driver reset it is a driver problem no doubt.


I have attempted to clean the system.


The message is "Display driver AMDkmdap stopped responding and has succesfully recovered" when the game crashes or when the monitor goes black requiring system rebooting.

I will attempt to roll crimson back to an earlier version.   I did check the heat temp on the GPU with MSI afterburner.

It was 57C on the Powercolor when it occurred.   The XFX runs hotter and it occurred at 68C.

These seem to be well within spec so I'm unclear as to why this is happening but it's very annoying.

I play the game for about an hour than stop.   This particular incident I'm reporting came from the powercolor R285 running at