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Lidless FX8350, odd RAM going on's.

Question asked by tomtalk24 on Apr 29, 2016



Lidless FX8350 under some pressure from a  AquaComputer kryos wc block.

Asus Formula z

Kingstone HyperX fury


Got my 7990 a full cover wc block so re-sat the CPU/water block applying most of the pressure of the mount. But system reserves memory is always changing and always multiples of 4GB, currently 8GB. Has been 4 and 12GB. Of course should be ~80MB. Changing some RAM settings or going to stock settings just changes the amount, being generous with CPU controller voltages can sort it for a short time.


I think I might have damaged my chip with the pressure, but that wouldn't make sense as everything else is fine and working. Also can anyone suggest how to find out what DIMMs are reserved and in use, if a memory channel is broken I may as well buy a 8370.


Bit stuck if anyone can shout out. Thanks TT24