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    A10-7890K APU


      Hi folks!


      I would like to know your opinion on asking AMD to sell current generation APUs without any cooler at all. Would like to have the option to upgrade my A10-7870K to the newest A10-7890K, but I don't need the new cooler, since I have a great performing aftermarket cooler (CoolerMaster GeminII S524 Ver. 2) and some people do as well. I believe a most good well known aftermarket coolers are more than sufficient to keep any APU cool, even with Turbo speeds.


      Any thoughts?



      Thanks everyone!

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          I personally don't think it's a big deal.  It is nice for those trying to get a budget friendly build and want a better than basic cooler.  It might end up being more of a pain to have 2 different packaging's and skus to keep track of on AMD's end.  I just purchased an FX-8370 with the Wraith as it was the perfect fit for my budget and needs at the moment.

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            There will be many problems as people will end up buying the cheaper CPU and, after getting it, realize it does not have a cooler and they cannot build their new PC.  I recently found out Intel does not even sell coolers with their CPUs any longer, much to the dismay of a coworker who had everything she needed to build a PC except a heat sink and fan...


            I personally am happy AMD provides fans with all the CPUs.  The nice thing is you have a ready spare if your aftermarket cooler gives up the ghost.

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              It would be fairly common in the self-build, non-game-playing market by Spring 2016 to have an A10-7850K/FM2+/8Gb desktop with something like a 212 Evo cooler - and not have much interest in the forthcoming move to AM4.


              An A10-7890K and an upgrade to W10 on the Fall update would freshen up the desktop, giving a 3700MHz to 4200MHz CPU upgrade (the 7890K defaults to 4200MHz in the BIOS) and from 720MHz to 866MHz on the iGPU (which also runs happily at 975Mhz) and also give the opportunity of exploiting the 7890K's much improved IMC by buying some cheap, highspec DDR3 Ram to run at 2400MHz with reduced timings.


              Meanwhile the 7850K, the Wraith cooler and the replaced Ram would make a good foundation for an ITX build.



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