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Crimson Driver 16x Hard Crash R9 380 in recent games.

Question asked by alegodoymuniz on Apr 30, 2016
Latest reply on May 9, 2016 by ex_soldier523

Dark Souls 3, The Division and others. Looks like this driver makes the VGA overheat and because of that the driver crashes. The only fix is restarting the computer.


In order to play Dark Souls 3 i have to go back to 15.7.1. But know i can't play Rainbow Six Siege and The Division, with this driver i see a lot graphicals glitches on this 2 games, which not happens with Crimson. Although i see glitches the Framerate is much more higher than with Crimson's


That's really wierd. Why and older driver works a lot better than the new ones? And it has been a long time i've been complaining about these problems. Do you guys a least are working on this problem.


Thank You.