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    Crimson Driver 16x Hard Crash R9 380 in recent games.


      Dark Souls 3, The Division and others. Looks like this driver makes the VGA overheat and because of that the driver crashes. The only fix is restarting the computer.


      In order to play Dark Souls 3 i have to go back to 15.7.1. But know i can't play Rainbow Six Siege and The Division, with this driver i see a lot graphicals glitches on this 2 games, which not happens with Crimson. Although i see glitches the Framerate is much more higher than with Crimson's


      That's really wierd. Why and older driver works a lot better than the new ones? And it has been a long time i've been complaining about these problems. Do you guys a least are working on this problem.


      Thank You.

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          I've managed to get 4 variations of that crash:

          1. HDMI no signal;

          2. Application has been blocked from accessing Graphics Hardware;

          3. Display driver has crashed & recovered;

          4. Black screen.


          Am I proud of this achievement? No. I feel like it's slowly killing my graphics card... And maybe, just maybe once the new drivers sort this mess up, i can get a replacement card or something. Do the crashes cause any harm to the components?*



          CPU: intel core i5-2400 3.10

          GPU: r9 380 4GB

          RAM: 8GB ram (don't know much about those, probably 1333mhz 2x4gb)

          MOBO: h61M-P21 (B3)

          PSU: Corsair CS550M 550W 80+ Gold


          History with previous graphics card:

          Used to have r9 270 2gb before - never ever crashed like it does now. But now with the new card (r9 380), it most certainly will crash when playing new games like Rust, Dark Souls or GTA and the likes.



          How i trigger the crash:

          AT FIRST, it runs like a beast. Getting a smooth, high fps experience. THEN it gradually gets worse and worse until it crashes. It used to crash immidiatelly, but with all the "solutions" i've gathered across the web by now, I've managed to push the card for a longer time before it crashes. It really bogs down at the end, it bogs down the whole system to be precise. And in my case, it's not the overheating. I manually set the fan to run in a way that the gpu tempeature rarely exceeds 65 degrees in celsius. At first, i thought it was the temperature, but now that i eliminated this option, it's outh to be something else.

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            I was getting a lot of problems on Dark Souls 3 with Crimson Drivers, so I went back do Catalyst 15.11.1 and eveything is perfect now. But one interesting thing is, With Win 10 64 bit I was having black screen issues with Shadow of Mordor, Ark Survival, Ryse son of Rome, no matter what driver I was using, the only fix was going back to Windows 8.1 64 bit and Catalyst 15.11.1, I tried Catalyst 15.7.1 but Assassins Creed Syndicate won't start with that driver.


            The most stable combination I found until now is Win 8.1 64 bit + Catalyst 15.11.1.


            My Specs are:

            CPU: FX 8370e @stock

            GPU: Sapphire R9 380 4 GB

            MEM: 2x Kingston Hyperx 1866 mhz

            MB: GA 990 FXA UD3

            OS: Win 8.1 64 bit

            Driver: Catalyst 15.11.1

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                i run a MSI R9 380 4GB and got very ugly Black Screen crashes (Computer in sleep mode and the last sound buzzing on) in MechWarriorOnline since the March Patch of this Game.


                WIN7, 64bit

                i7-920 1st Gen. @ 3,2GHz

                12 GB Ram

                Alienware 850W PSU (Orignal Card was HD5970 with similar power consumption)


                The crashes would occur after 5 - 10 min of gaming.

                Before that i had "only" crashes to Desktop with a "D3D Device Hung" Error message for about 4 weeks


                Measures                                                                           Effect

                Re-Install Game                                                                 Nothing

                Update Driver to Crimson 16.4                                          Nothing

                Downgrade Driver to Catalyst 15.X. (July 2015)                Slight improvement, still crashes, but with longer "running times"

                Force the Game into DX9 mode                                        Everything fine


                Since i was not satisfied with running the Game with "so old" drivers and DX9 has little bit more "ugly" Details in MWO, i decided to install the actual Crimson 16.5.1. ==>Was running fine in DX9 mode.

                I noticed that in DX9 the game runs more towards CPU load and relieves the GPU. (Confirmed by user Forum)

                Then i went on a Furmark test and it crashed with a BSOD after hitting 75°C GPU Temperature... (could be reproduced)


                The fans were not even at 50% at this time.....

                I then remembered that when i bought the card (Feb 2016) i ran Furmark as a comparison to the old HD5970 and the GPU did not go above 65°C.


                ==>Installed MSI Afterburner and setup a more "aggressive" Fan Control Curve, basically 50% fan at 50°C and 100% Fan at 65°C.

                ==> Everything fine, FurMark ran 2hrs without crash. GPU Temp below 68°C.


                I switched MWO back to DX11 and limited the FPS to 60. Played 5hrs non-stop, which i was not able since beginning of March... Nice!


                Can the Card get instable by Temperatures of ~75-80°C? Seems strange to me, but the "forced cooling" with Afterburner resolved all my issues.

                Did somebody play on the "internal fan curve" of the drivers?


                Would be nice to hear more feedback on my ideas!

                I am not annoyed of the fans, they are quite silent and i play with headset..... but what i know GPU`s start to faint at >95°C and not at >75°C...??

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                    Hello, I did monitore my gpu with MSI Afterburner too.

                    Without any fan curve configuration, the GPU on full load get 75c frequently, but dont pass 75c. I didn't notice any performace drop with that temperature, I think below 80c the gpu dont have any issues.

                    I was using win 8.1 64 bits with my r9 380 for 3 months and have no issues, my black screens started when I updated from 8.1 to win 10. I was initially thinking was because I updated from win 8.1, so I did a win 10 clean install, but again the black screens occours on Shadow of Mordor, Ark Survival, Ryse Son of Rome and Dark Souls 3.


                    When I roll back to win 8.1 my black screens and crashes stopped. In my case was the Win 10. I'm now waiting until win 10 gets a fix or something.