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    Windows 10 hangs on AMD driver.


      Since i updated my drivers on my PC i now have a problem that every time i turn ON my PC it will hang on the windows logo and eventually shuts down. But after turning it on again there is no problem.


      So i downloaded the program "WhoCrashedMe" and it found these causes. http://imgur.com/u3FjYHw


      I did a clean AMD install with their AMD Clean install tool, used other tools to remove ALL the AMD drivers but the problem is still here.


      Now i come here to ask for help.


      I tried a system restore but the latest was 28th and this problem started on the 27th.


      Step 1: After shutting down the PC and all power is off

      Step 2: Power On

      Step 3: Windows 10 logo shows up, hangs and after 10 seconds pc shuts down.

      Step 4: Power On

      Step 5: GPU fans spin at 100% keyboard not loading, mouse not loading, no windows logo.

      Step 6: Reset PC

      Step 7: Windows loads up normally, no errors nothing.

      Step 8: The error on the picture shows up.



      R9 280x

      16G G-skill 1666 ram

      Windows 10