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r9 390x high idle temps

Question asked by innovat3 on Apr 30, 2016
Latest reply on May 6, 2016 by john007


So I'm" guessing" AMD has an driver error

My comp is only 4 months old

powercolor r9 390x devil hybrid


gigabyte z170 mx series

16gb ddr4 ram

3 ssd's

corsair aio

evga 850w +80 plat

Win 10 64bit

benq 144hz freesync - running on 120hz 1440p

Issue is it constantly idles at high temps rising untill it reaches 96c.....

Was working perfectly prior to 15.12 patches and patches after that is when i noticed it messing up.

Cant even run my computer pass 5 minutes before it automatically shutdowns to prevent any damages...

since i have the devil hybrid it ran average 30c idle. and 60c under load...

I've noticed some issues with memory load as well. Nothing I could do there.

Tried clean driver install doesn't work

Tried older clean driver install - makes the problem intermittent

What I wanna know is who is gonna be held accountable for the damages if my gpu will not function as it should?

Example, lets say a)Thermal sensor malfunctioning? b)my water pump for my gpu malfunctions? c)or the fact that i paid (in my opinion good money for this gpu) and its not functioning as marketed or not functioning at all?

And I've tried all the method i was able to research on this issue and none work... due to the fact that this is an intermittent problem.

Hopefully a mod will reply


Is it a software issue(Driver) or a hardware issue(gpu)