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    r9 390x high idle temps



      So I'm" guessing" AMD has an driver error

      My comp is only 4 months old

      powercolor r9 390x devil hybrid


      gigabyte z170 mx series

      16gb ddr4 ram

      3 ssd's

      corsair aio

      evga 850w +80 plat

      Win 10 64bit

      benq 144hz freesync - running on 120hz 1440p

      Issue is it constantly idles at high temps rising untill it reaches 96c.....

      Was working perfectly prior to 15.12 patches and patches after that is when i noticed it messing up.

      Cant even run my computer pass 5 minutes before it automatically shutdowns to prevent any damages...

      since i have the devil hybrid it ran average 30c idle. and 60c under load...

      I've noticed some issues with memory load as well. Nothing I could do there.

      Tried clean driver install doesn't work

      Tried older clean driver install - makes the problem intermittent

      What I wanna know is who is gonna be held accountable for the damages if my gpu will not function as it should?

      Example, lets say a)Thermal sensor malfunctioning? b)my water pump for my gpu malfunctions? c)or the fact that i paid (in my opinion good money for this gpu) and its not functioning as marketed or not functioning at all?

      And I've tried all the method i was able to research on this issue and none work... due to the fact that this is an intermittent problem.

      Hopefully a mod will reply


      Is it a software issue(Driver) or a hardware issue(gpu)

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          I would contact PowerColor as they made the card, they would handle it in the case of defective hardware.

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              You are absolutely WRONG and have no knowledge at all-

              The issue with AMD and 144 hz monitors are well known. (you just don't know)

              If you have a refreshrate at 144 hz on your monitor, your memory clock and temp will be at max all the time.

              If you turn refreshrate down to 120 hz and lower (60 hz) your memory clock will go down to 150 mhz and temps 36-38 degrees when idle (desktop and Internet) which is normal behaviour. AMD knows about the problem, but until now AMD has done NOTHING to solve the issue. It seems like either the R series are broken with 144 hz monitors or a driver problem. My guess is the first, since AMD has done nothing.

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                  Thats my concern too,

                  Cause most likely Powercolor is going to point the finger to AMD...

                  Like once again im going through this issue this time, im at 120 hz and having the same issue.

                  Theeee worst part is because i invested sooooo much on AMD brand hardware like my benq xl2730z and r9 390x devil hybrid

                  I really cant go to the green team...
                  I'm sure people who has done the RMA process know, a) if it ended up being Driver issue youve wasted money on shipping and downtime...

                  Super frustrating....

                  4/28/2016 hot fix patch resolves a different issue.

                  Just ready to give up.

                  @emsir wondering if youre having this issue as well?

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                      Look at my answer to black_zion. You will get the same issue with Nvidia. But I agree, spending a lot of money on hardware that doesn't work as you would like is very frustrasting. Only solution for you is (maybe) 110hz/1440p . Try 110 hz and see if it works. If not try 100 hz. It shouild work lower than 120 hz. I'm sorry but that's the only solution i can find. 

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                          No luck :[
                          I'm highly in suspect of the driver.
                          My educated guess is, that they had a bug were other users had a power consumption mode option in their crimson when they shouldn't have.
                          And the r9 290-390x's are something that not power consumption friendly. a possible error in the code when creating these drivers.
                          Either way I've decided to RMA and gonna wait on the results. I'm guessing powercolor is gonna point the finger to AMD and vice versa in my current situation.

                          Man I miss my old "ATI" hd 4000 series,

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                        The OP said he is using a 120hz refresh rate.

                        benq 144hz freesync - running on 120hz 1440p

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                            Sure......120hz/1440hz, is going to have the same issue as 144 hz on 1920x1080. Reason is higher resolution. So temp and memory clock will be at max on 4Quad HD/120hz. I have ASUS 144 hz monitor and must use 120 hz/1920x1080 to get my temp and clock down to normal when idle. (on R390 Strix 8GB)

                            The issue is NOT 144 hz monitors but AMD  graphic cards or drivers. I have done some research and Nvidia have the same issue with 144 hz monitors.


                            So I suspect it is hardware related. And there can be done nothing to solve it. Only solution is set refreshrate to 120 hz and live with it. OR buy a 4K monitor running at 60 hz via Display port.

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                        I wouldn't invest in all these freesync gsync gimmicks, you have to rely on the drivers too much.


                        A 4K HDMI 2.0 TV would be much better.