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    R9 380 Stuttering in ALL Crimson Driver Versions


      Hi everyone

      first of all i apologize if my english is not that good. I try to describe my problem as much as possible.



      AMD FX-6300 6x3,5Ghz

      8 GByte DDR3-1600 RAM

      Sapphire Radeon R9 380 Nitro OC 4G

      Windows 7 x64 SP1 and latest Updates


      Since you released the first your Crimson Drivers i tried to use them but every time i "update" most of my games have problems (some problems are small but other problems are more critical). Whenever i'm sick of all these problems i uninstall them and use old Catalyst Drivers Version 15.x

      - Most games are stuttering, even at 100+fps this is a serious problem especially while playing online (Examples: GRID 2, CSGO, every Assassins Creed Game)....

      - A few games have fps losses, some games more (Witcher 3 drops about 40% from 50+ at FullHD down to 25-30fps) and some games less (World of Warcraft up to ~10%, depending on the area and how many players are there)

      - Older Games like Unreal 1 (i started this game from my steam library) don't start anymore

      - Crimson randomly crashes several times


      It's pretty painful and i'm kinda disappointed after all this time.

      Here are some things i tried instead of using older Driver Versions


      - Uninstalled old Catalyst Driver > Restart Windows > Install Latest Crimson Drivers (including Hotfixes) > Restart > Testing Games

      - Installed a new and clean Version of Windows on a new HD i bought and tested it just to find out if my SSD could be responsible

      - Tested even with Windows 10 (downloaded from Microsoft, activated)


      So tell me what can i do?