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New beta driver 16.4.2 (28/04) or not ?

Question asked by triple on Apr 29, 2016
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You have posted the beta driver 16.4.2 on 25 April 2016 , with the file name :



I'm waiting for 1 month this driver because I play "THE DIVISION" with my crossfire r9-290, and I had massive flickering and light and scaling problems.


When I have installed the 16.4.2,I have less problem of flickering but FPS performance is not good. (less than 1 card...)


Today, I have seen on your website a new driver on 28 April 2016 wich is 16.4.2 too, but the file name is not the same :



Is this driver the same from 25 April ?


DO you have corrected something ?



thank you and sorry for my english, its not easy to speak