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PC Shutdown or Black Screen when installing AMD Display Drivers (AMD Radeon R9 200 Series) [270x]

Question asked by rubenrah on Apr 29, 2016
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Recently I ran into some trouble. I will make this short and simple and if anything is needed please reply. I have a great custom build that has worked for just over two years now. I use a AMD Radeon R9 270x and it's been working perfectly for the past two years. Now I used AMD Catalyst drivers for around one year and a half. Around a month or two ago, I upgraded the drivers to the AMD Crimson drivers. It seemed to work fine. Now yesterday I ran into some trouble. I was in a skype call, and as I was starting up a game my PC frozen then crashed. I wasn't sure what happened. I turned it back on and it didn't seem to work. Since then I have done many many things (believe me). I have switched SSD Drives, formatted, done a clean reset, changed PCI E slot, changed power cable for the graphics card, applied new thermal paste to both the GPU and CPU, and a lot more.


I can turn on my PC fine. Just I can't play anything, because I don't have any AMD driver installed. I go to install the AMD Crimson, and when it gets to the "Installing Display Driver" part it either turns my PC to a black screen, or just shuts down. I thought of trying a old driver, still the same result (with AMD Catalyst). Please help. I am not sure what's happened. I am yet to test the graphics card in another computer to see if it works. In the mean time please try and help me with this.


I am more than happy to assist in troubleshooting the issue directly with AMD support or even engineering if given the opportunity. I am currently using windows 8.1


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