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    PC Shutdown or Black Screen when installing AMD Display Drivers (AMD Radeon R9 200 Series) [270x]


      Hi AMD.


      Recently I ran into some trouble. I will make this short and simple and if anything is needed please reply. I have a great custom build that has worked for just over two years now. I use a AMD Radeon R9 270x and it's been working perfectly for the past two years. Now I used AMD Catalyst drivers for around one year and a half. Around a month or two ago, I upgraded the drivers to the AMD Crimson drivers. It seemed to work fine. Now yesterday I ran into some trouble. I was in a skype call, and as I was starting up a game my PC frozen then crashed. I wasn't sure what happened. I turned it back on and it didn't seem to work. Since then I have done many many things (believe me). I have switched SSD Drives, formatted, done a clean reset, changed PCI E slot, changed power cable for the graphics card, applied new thermal paste to both the GPU and CPU, and a lot more.


      I can turn on my PC fine. Just I can't play anything, because I don't have any AMD driver installed. I go to install the AMD Crimson, and when it gets to the "Installing Display Driver" part it either turns my PC to a black screen, or just shuts down. I thought of trying a old driver, still the same result (with AMD Catalyst). Please help. I am not sure what's happened. I am yet to test the graphics card in another computer to see if it works. In the mean time please try and help me with this.


      I am more than happy to assist in troubleshooting the issue directly with AMD support or even engineering if given the opportunity. I am currently using windows 8.1


      Thank you,


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          I'm having the same issue as the OP. The situation is pretty close to what he describe, and googling around other forums I found out alot of AMD users are facing the same issue and still not having the required answer to fix the problem.


          As for my situation, ill try to describe it with as many details as possible:


          I have a Gigabyte AMD Radeon R9 270x 2GB and have been using it nicely well for the past 2 years.


          The issues started last week, when I would randomly get flicks on my screen whenever I switched a tab on Google Chrome or switched windows from one program to another, also my mouse pointer would randomly get ridiculous large and the computer would eventually crash in a random colored screen, green, gray or whatever.


          I decided to format my computer to totally wipe out any possibly corrupt file or whatever was making the card to malfunction.


          I installed a Windows 7 64-bits version, and when I booted into desktop for the first time, I realized that the card wasnt automatically detected, and that a Standard VGA Graphics Adapter was listed under Display Adapters in the Device Manager window.


          I already downloaded and installed the newest driver update "Crimson Edition 16.5.1 Hotfix" , but whenever the installation finishes and im prompt to reboot, I would have a Black Screen after the "Starting Windows" screen. I can get past the black screen normally through Safe-Mode but I cant do it in "Normal Mode".


          The temporary solution for me to be able to at least reach to desktop was to remove the AMD drivers through Safe-Mode and get to desktop with the automatic set-up of the Standard VGA Graphics Adapter, but whenever I try to install the driver again, the same thing happens.


          I've tried countless drivers as possible, new ones, old ones, Betas and whatever else driver AMD has to offer, all of them had the same result: BLACK SCREEN.


          I already switched the PCI slots, wiped the card clean, tested the card in another mobo (Same Black Screen issue after installing the drivers!), tried on a different card (my old HD4890 and it Worked Normally!), tried on a different PSU, and I would ALWAYS get the Black Screen after installing any driver for the R9 270x.


          It is crystal clear the issue is with the VideoCard, as whenever a specific driver for it is installed, a Black Screen would occur prior to the Windows Welcome Message.


          Additional Info:


          In one of my countless boots with the drivers uninstalled and running on the Standard VGA, the card was randomly detected by my computer and would be listed under the Display Adapters in the Device Manager window, but it would automatically update the latest driver and force me to reboot, resulting the the same old Black Screen of Death.


          Before the issue with the Black Screen started, when I didnt have my computer formatted, random applications and games I've played (like Battlefield 4) wouldnt start giving me an error message "0xc00007b" that apparently had to do with some missing Visual C++ .dll files. I would also get random crash messages like "display driver stopped responding and has recovered" and blue screens, what made me even more confident in formatting the whole system.


          Is there anyone that went through all of this and figured out a way to fix it?


          The card wasnt not cheap and I would really appreciate if AMD would come with a solution for us, since for sure we arent the only ones facing these problems.


          Thanks for your attention

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            I purchased the Fury X a few months ago and everything had been working well until last week. Last week while playing games my screens went blank. I continued to hear the game audio playing and it appeared the computer was running. I let the computer sit for a few minutes but the display never returned. I hard booted my machine and when the computer turned back on windows wouldn't boot. I tried startup repair and another of other trouble shooting techniques to repair my windows 10, none of them worked. I ended up reinstalling windows 10, I was able to successfully reinstall windows but when I try to install graphics drivers the computer crashes. I get a BSOD with the "video TDR failure". I have used driver sweeper to clear the drivers from my system and reinstalling windows multiple times. Every time I install the drivers for the Fury X the computer crashes with a BSOD. I am not sure what to do next... I am worried the graphics card may be failing. Im pretty much stuck unable to install drivers for my card..


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              I gave up.


              Ive tried everything that was suggested, countless driver installations, bought new VGA/HDMI cables, tested everything I could, on 2 different computers and the same thing happened: Black Screen over and over again.


              The farthest I could get was managing to get into desktop with no Safe-Mode after installing the drivers, having the Card recognized under the Device Manager window, but having an error information saying "Code 43: Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems.". I attempted to run some applications but there was no success, it was like there was no card installed.


              Reinstalling the OS (formatting), trying out all sort of drivers, changing the cables, trying on another mobo with different PSUs, doing a DDU uninstall of all drivers, cleaning the card, ANYTHING that was possible was tested out with NO success.


              After all this, I've decided one thing: AMD Radeon NEVER AGAIN. Its the 2nd out of 3 cards that malfunction, and its not even 3 years old! The price wasnt cheap.


              Also, Ive sent a support ticket to AMD and still didnt get any reply. Good luck to all of you guys trying hard to revive your R9 200s because I did everything I could and gave up trying. Just ordered a new card from Nvidia btw, really disappointed on you AMD.

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                Im having the exact same issue with the exact same card (R9 270x Gaming). Im very dissapointed, I have no idea what to do now.


                I wonder if anyone has managed to fix this.