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Force EDID on AMD Radeon

Question asked by atavernier on Apr 29, 2016



My compay has developed a cloud gaming solution that uses AMD Firepros GPU. We have servers that do not have screens attached to them but need to have "one" in order to launch games. So with Firepro it is easy there is an option in the AMD Firepro software that allow us to emulate a screen with the RAW EDID data.


We want to upgrade our solution by using heavy GPU games, and for this we need AMD Radeon. We have R9 390 in our servers, but there is no way to find a way to force the EDID. So we have servers with better GPU but that can not encode/launch a game because of no screen.


Is there a way to emulate a fake screen? We have RAW EDIDs, we just need a way to use them to make our solution work again.


Antoine Tavernier