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    *HELP* AMD high definition audio device and Logitech Artemis G633 headset has a driver conflict causing serious game stutter in crossfire mode


      Dear AMD,


      I did file up a catalyst/crimson report on this.

      But, I also contacted logitech.  Please read what I posted in their support forum below.  Something is definitely broken and totally reproducible.




      Dear Logitech,


      The issue in the title is exactly the problem.  Using the G633 and a R285 X 2 crossfire configuration on a DX11 title is casuing video and audio pausing.   I'll use Alien Isolation as the example but I've seen it occur in other DX11 titles that I've seen thus far.

      There are only two solutions to this problem.   Disable crossfire and use a single card and the audio and video stutter stops.  Or, disconnect the G633 and use another headset if you need crossfire enabled.   For DX12, Ashes of Singularity, Rise of Tomb Raider (patched to DX12 option) crossfire has to be disabled as multi gpu in dx12 cannot have that runnning.   So iin DX12 in a multi gpu setup no stuttering on either of those DX12 titles.  DX11 , Crossfire, G633 (probably 933 as well) may experience the issue with a similar setup.   My configuration is below.   I'm going to test some DX10 titoles such as Call of Juarez with this headset and crossfire and update this post.


      It is odd but it seems to be a driver conflict of some strange kind and I've also contacted AMD through the Catalyst bug reports.

      As this more than likely is going to require you and AMD to get this fixed.   At first this audio stutter and video pausing seemed to be random.   It most certainly is not.  It's duplicated and I've seen it occuring on all the G series software versions and has occurred since I bought this headset.    At first I was thinking it's a bad headset, checked support tickets and forums, changed USB ports, reinstalled the game, changed xfire settings, reinstalled the software and device all together.  Tried many USB ports.

      Where there were multiple issues I was fight such as random disconnects of the headset, audio popping and crackling the latest version of teh software seems to have fixed alot of that for me.   That and I noticed if you plug the headset on the same USB hub or controller as external USB drives you might get also.   So I isolated the headset down to its own USB controller an hub and its working with tthe exception now of this crossfire and G series software issue.   In fact, while playing Alien Isolation in xfire you can simply disconnect the headset while this is occurring and the pausing and audio stutter immediately stop.  The minute you plug it back in the stutter starts again.   The only way around it is to either not use the headset in crossfire and use another audio source or disable crossfire.   And it's easily duplicated.   And I tried other titles some it's hit and miss on the stutter but I've seen it mostly with DX11 titles.  Another one it does it is Life is Strange and Divinity Orginal Sin.  Again when Crossfire is disabled the audio and video are fine.   Disable crossfire the headset works.


      This problem does not occur on any other audio device at all only the G633 headset.   Running audio through the TV HDMI or the Soundblaster Z speakers there is no issue.  Only running crossfire iwth this headset enabled.

      OBviously we got a drive conflict going on with AMD.  And as such I've opened a ticket with AMD in hope the two companies can come together to fix it.  It's an obvious driver bug in one or both companies software.  I spent countless hours not to complain but, to try to get AMD and Logitech to fix this.  It's going to take both of you to find it.   And , if contacted, I'd be more than willing to provide, logs, access to my system whatever eeither company needs to find it.  It wiil not only fix it for me but otheres whom I've found in forums randomly experiencing it.    What they don't post, however, is if they are running a  multi gpu configuration and the chip , such as R9, etc.  So I can only base this testing off my results and make assumptions on the symptoms ive seen in games like Alien Isolation in the STEAM forums where some reported it and say it's still not fixed.  And going into other game forums I see it and G series headsets being used.    Whether or not its the exact issue I cannot confirm as this issue is not the same as the "pop and crackle" which is defintiely USB relalted as I knocked that one out of the park already by isolating the headset to its own usb controller and hub.   This issue appears to be different.


      My system specs:


      Windows 10 64bit

      AMD 8350 FX

      Radeon R9 285 X 2

      32GB Ram

      MSI 990FXA Gaming

      G633 Headset

      Soundblaster Z

      Vizio 42" 3dtv HDMI

      Crimson driver 16.4.2


      LGS version info:

      • Software Version: 8.82.151
      • Post Date: 30-MAR-2016
      • OS: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10

      Other than this one major issue left , for my case, and probably in others.  The headset is quite nice.

      But, we need to be able to use it.   Stutter is a deal breaker or not being able to use crossfire just for a headset.

      The headset will be the one to suffer in sales if word gets out that this doesn't get fixed.



      It did occur in Call of Juarez.

      Disconnect the headset the audio stutter/pop and video pause ceased when crossfire was enabled.

      Turn crossfire off the headset works fine.

      Again it did not occur going through HDMI on video card or Soundblaster Z speaker outputs.

      It's isolated to the G headset.


      Update number 2:

      Isolated problem and found a PAINFUL workaround (PLEASE FIX IT AMD)


      Logitech and Griez,


      I am so sorry to spam  but this email is important of all them.

      I have in fact CONFIRMED this is a driver conflict with AMD audio.


      I found a workaround but it breaks the AMD audio system where you have to reinstall the audio drivers for the AMD HDMI to work correctly.


      And I suspect this is also the problem with others in the AMD forum and in logitechs where I have seen posts of people reporting video and audio stutter.

      The problem isn't the video but it's a symptom of it.


      It's the audio driver of the G633 and the AMD High Definition Audio device.

      Since there are TWO AMD High Definition Audio devices since you crossfire you MUST disable both in the device manager under Sound devices and game controllers.

      When you right click and disable those AMD sound devices you will be prompted to reboot the computer.   When you reboot one of the devices in fact will "disappear" and a system device will appear disabled "High definition audio bus" and the remaining AMD high definitoni audio device will or should show DISABLED.


      Now enable crossfire and enjoy the games on the Logitech G633.

      Now this is a temp workaround as this causes an issue that if you want to use the HDMI out of the video card connected to your TV (mine is a 42" VIzio 3dtv) your out of luck.    In fact if you look at the playback devices under the windows sound control all the devices are now gone including your TV as a source, the AMD HDMI audio as playback.


      So, to test this, I reenabled the audio device again and it prompted a system reboot.

      This time the AMD audio didn't come back and I had to reinstall the AMD drivers.

      However, the Logitech G633 remained as a playback device as it should.


      This is awefully a painful solution but with a painful work around.   Obviously I should be able to keep crossfire enabled with this headset and it not conflict with the AMD audio causing the in game audio and video stutter.


      I am 1000 percent convinced since this ONLY occurs with the LOGITECH G633 and no other audio device, including a Soundblaster Z,  it must be logitech's driver in conflict with the AMD audio.   I will update the AMD ticket also but, I think they'll point the finger at the headset drivers since it's only this headset causing the audio conflict with crossfire.  That is an assumption but I hope more so that the two companies iron it out and fix it.


      This is not a defective headset, not a defective video card.  It is a driver conflict not a single doubt,  And it's reproducible and it has a PAINFUL workaround.

      Now, I've done alot of work to help find the problem and the workaround so I hope Logitech can make good on this one and get it fixed asap.   This is a real game breaker and painful experirence.    I spent days and days to arrive at all this troubleshooting and I do not want this ticket closed as resolved until a driver is released that fixes it.

      I assure you that I'm not the only one with the problem I just don't think the others have gottten as far as I did isolating it since this headset is so new.


      I will copy this and post it up with the AMD ticket in that forum as well.

      Please fix this asap.




      Travis (lakesideguy)

      And feel free to contact me at my email address in the profile.


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