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Problem with the newest crimson drivers and my monitor refresh rate

Question asked by karol_p on Apr 28, 2016
Latest reply on May 28, 2017 by fore1gn


I have LG 27ud68 monitor and Radeon 290x video card. I used to use Crimson 15.12 driver and everything was working fine - no issues with my with monitor and refresh rate . Problem started when I installed the newest crimson drivers. Now I am not able to reach 60HZ refresh rate at 4k resolution. Basically in refresh rate mater I have only one choice which is 30HZ...... unless I will change my resolution for HD... or reinstall the newest drivers but it works only temporarily until next restart...

Beside, I know that I can install my old drivers and everything will be fine again, but I had some issues with newer games, which were solved by the newest crimson drivers. That is why I am looking for any solution.


Please help .