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    Windows 10 Clean Install Black Screen



      I've got a bit of a fundamental Windows 10 install issue that I think is related to my XFX HD7570 graphics card. Cut a long story short I have an unpartitioned/formatted virgin HD that I'm attempting to install Windows 10 on via either USB or DVD (tried both). When booting from these I get the blue Windows 10 logo and the spinning icon. Then I get the briefest flash of something that might be a setup window (maybe only a quarter of a second) before the screen goes completely black (monitor is still active so receiving a signal). Eventually the PC shuts itself down. I don't have multiple displays but have tried combinations of Windows + P to switch displays but with no luck.


      There are no drivers per se at this stage because windows hasn't even installed yet, so I wouldn't think that there would be a compatibility issue, however I've exhausted all other options I can think of. I don't have onboard graphics on my mobo (Asus PX79) so I can't try that instead. I'm tempted to buy a cheap PCIe card just to eliminate the Radeon.


      Any ideas?