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    Frame Rate Target Control bug


      For some games I enable the frame rate target control and for others I disable it.

      That means I often turn this feature on and off, and it works great... if it wasn't for a damn bug.

      Here is how I can reproduce it, and maybe you too. Please try this for yourself and let's see if I'm the only one who encountered this bug.

      • Open Radeon Settings --> Gaming --> Global Settings
      • Enable Frame Rate Target Control
      • Set it to whatever other than 55 FPS
      • Disable Frame Rate Target Control
      • Wait a few seconds
      • Enable Frame Rate Target Control again, you see it's on the frame rate you set it before
      • Close Radeon Settings
      • Wait a few seconds
      • Open Radeon Settings --> Gaming --> Global Settings
      • You can see it's set to 55 FPS and not to the FPS you set it before


      I demonstrate it in a video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7nlv2MGrv_4


      Currently Installed: 16.15.2211-160321a-300865C !


      Every single time I disable the Frame Rate Target Control I have to change it back to my own FPS twice before it stays the same, and it's getting annoying.

      If I don't do it my games get capped at 55 FPS.