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    Problems with "AMD Settings" Tool


      So I have been using catalyst control center for quite some time and have been very pleased with it. This week though I get a driver update and find out it's been replaced with a bloated piece of junk that does not even work. For the past week or so I've bee using CCC to run dark souls 3 at 30FPS. Normally my computer bounces from about 40-60 FPS when I play the game, but CCC has a great function where you can prevent the game from going over a specific FPS. In addition to that I was able to use CCC to overclock my graphics card a tad in order to get the performance I wanted.


      Then I got the new AMD Settings tool. After blundering through a ton of unnecessary clutter (the user interface is extremely counter productive and makes no sense) I finally found a page that looked similar to what I was used to. In fact at first it looked even better! I could set the FPS limit and overclock just for dark souls 3 and not for the rest of my games which didn't need any special attention. Yet the entire process proved to be a complete waste of my time. The FPS limit did not work, and the overclocking didn't seem to help the FPS either when I checked that afterwords.


      Now the two most important parts of any program would be:

      1.) That it works.

      2.) That the user can figure out how to use it.


      So far your new AMD Settings tool has failed in both regards.


      I really hope you fix it in the future. Until then I will be using an out of date driver just so I can play the games that my graphics card was designed for.