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DX9 performance still shocking in windows 10, spikes from 0 to 100 usage

Question asked by iainob1 on Apr 28, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2016 by xacid9

Well done to AMD for getting crossfire to finally disable in dx 9 games.


Now they just need to actually fix dx9 in windows 10 so it performs properly on AMD. These problems are simply not there on Nvidia cards with dx 9 and Windows 10 well tested by myself.


Constant spikes from 0 to 100 usage with crossfire disabled. r9 295x2.


The new power options in the ccc panel are not available for the r9 295x2 so please don't ask if they are off.


ULPS is always disabled again before anyone asks. I do it in the registry


How long have we had dx9?


dx9 spikes crossfire off.JPG


This happens on all drivers pre and post Crimson.  It could be that there are still issues with crossfire and it is still not disabling fully even though it shows only one card working or how dx9 is handled by AMD is broken. Notice how card two still shows a higher temp than the card that is getting the usage.


DX 9 games still have hitches and judders. Not acceptable. DX9 is still broken on AMD drivers