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    browser fullscreen issue


      About 1 week ago it is ok that I can watch video FULLSCREEN via any browser.


      Now it is impossible to browse websites via any browser.

      In Chrome, like these. The page can be operated but covered by black.....

      I tried reinstall flash, disable hardware acceleration, reinstall chrome, reinstall graphics driver, but we got the same result like this:

      Screenshot (109).png


      Screenshot (110).png

      and this:

      Screenshot (111).png

      But after i disabled discrete graphics card in bios, it worked well.

      I think it is your driver's problem.

      Since 8650G is legacy product, it is not possible to update driver.

      Screenshot (112).png

      Screenshot (113).png

      Screenshot (115).png

      Screenshot (114).png

      Somebody help me, pls!