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Ubisoft’s The Division is a hacked-up mess, network code may require complete rewrite

Question asked by kingfish on Apr 28, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2016 by black_zion

Cheating in multiplayer games is nothing new and every launch title suffers its share of problems, but Ubisoft’s The Division has had more than most. While the game launched to positive reviews and high initial sales, it’s had serious technical and cheating issues since. A significant number of glitches have allowed players to quickly gain access to endgame gear that was supposed to take months to achieve, and Ubisoft has been perceived as chasing problems rather than getting in front of them.

Now, new analysis from game network consultant Glenn Fiedler suggests that Ubisoft’s latest title isn’t just buggy — it’s written in a way that’s going to permanently prevent the company from fixing its own problems unless they commit to a total network code overhaul. The problem, according to Fiedler, is that Ubisoft’s game appears to be based on a trusted-client model.