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Linux AMDGPU major issues

Question asked by nukedathlonman on Apr 28, 2016
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Okay, I've just upgraded my Kubuntu install from 15.10 (which worked great) to 16.04 and I'm a little overwhelmed and can't find the cause of problems.  Quick laptop spec - HP Pavilion with A10-8700P, 16GB dual channel memory, 960gb SSD.  I know Ubuntu dropped Crimson support in favor of AMD's open source AMDGPU driver (as AMD is phasing it out on Linux if I understand things correctly).  If I run the laptop on battery I get random black screens of death (I can't even ssh into the machine remotely).  If I'm on hydro, it's seems to work as long as I'm using the internal display, stay on the desktop, and don't make any form of display change.  If it's hooked up to an external monitor or TV, it over-scan's completely off the display.  There is no where in any control panel to set the overscan.  If I use a terminal (Konsole), I can turn off overscan it for roughly 5 seconds using xrandr.  Then both screens go back and total system freeze again.  If I move the mouse between the displays I get the same crash.  If I change the back ground, theme, load a full screen application, etc results in the same black screen and freeze.  I also get very odd things ocuring on my boot - I select to boot Kubuntu, and for about 2-3 seconds between the grub display and the splash screen display, it alternates between two different blacks and turns on and off the back light repeatedly for about 2-3 seconds.  I don't think that's very good for the display (and didn't happen in 15.10 - I was using the latest Crimson driver however).  I've booted Kubuntu's safe mode and no errors are getting logged in any of the files.  And the computer is stable like that.  Well, good thing I keep this computer backed up...  Is there any suggestions on what to look at to get this working?  But based on what I'm seeing, I think this is beyond my debugging abilities (that's a rare thing) - should I simply restore 15.10?