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    A10 7870K drivers making disk activity at 100%


      Hello all,

      I just built a computer (my first one). This computer is inteded to be a cheap one that I can upgrade as I go along. Anyway, after I installed the APU's display drivers, I noticed that the disk 0 activity in task manager was staying at a constant 100% and windows was slowing down and explorer.exe was restarting frequently. Is there a know incompatibility with Windows 10 Pro 64bit? I've installed windows many times now and am still having problems. Do any of you know what to do about this? Its slowing down my computer and grinding it to a halt. It is not the hard drive. I have tried it on two brand new hard drives, a SSD and a HDD and yet this still happens very frequently. I attached a picture to show what I am talking about as windows explorer locked up. Everything else is running fine, however, I do not get why this happens. Any suggestions? I'm open to almost anything at this point.




      Computer Specications:

      APU: AMD A10 7870k - 3.9GHz

      RAM: 4gb - 1066MHz

      OS: Windows Pro 64bit