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    Two different AMD cards simultaneously


      I have what may be a dumb question.  I have this PC:

      Dell Precision T7600 with Windows 7 64-bit

      Graphics Card: AMD FirePro 2270 (single plug from card splits out to two separate monitors (DVI connection)

      There is no graphics on the motherboard (or at least I don't see any VGA/DVI/etc ports)


      I just added another graphics card.  AMD Radeon HD 7470 Driver (based on Googling for the hardware ID).



      When I rebooted, and logged in, Windows told me to reboot for changes to take effect before even finishing to load to my desktop. I assume it found the new card.  So I rebooted, and loaded upt o my desktop fine.  But the new card shows as a generic "Standard VGA Graphics adapter in Device Manager" that could not start (error 10).  Trying to update the driver doesn't find any better driver.


      I also tried running a auto-detect tool from AMD, but when I launch it, it tells me "we are unable to find a driver for your system", and the graphics hardware it's showing is the working (FirePro) card.


      Root Question: Is it even possible run both these cards at once?  My real goal is just a 3rd display.