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Crimson 16.4.2 Negative Crossfire Scaling with Division

Question asked by rkok on Apr 27, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2016 by colesdav

So after installing the latest 16.4.2 Crimson drivers, the texture flickering in Crossfire for Division is gone which is good. But, now the game is performing very poorly in terms of smoothness.


I have an intel i5930K overclocked to 4.5Ghz. 64GB ram @ 3200 effective mhz . 3x 290x in crossfire (1110 mhz GPU, 1350 mhz VRAM). With the previous drivers i was able to obtain an upwards of 52/55 fps with the game set to ULTRA settings on a QHD display, running exclusive full screen mode. graphics adapter is connected to display via display port. Game is installed on a dedicated SSD.


With this driver update, the frame rates are horrendous. 32 FPS with the same game settings. GPU usage reported by in-game benchmark as risen, while CPU usage has dropped substantially.

wonder if this is related to the observed poor performance.


In addition to the poor frame rate, the game stutters. during the benchmark, it will intermittently playback a previous frame i suspect ( which is observed as the camera 'zooming out' and then 'zooming back in' in an instant. The display will also 'reset' a few times throughout the in-game benchmark ( observed as display suddenly showing a black frame and returning to normal, in addition to the Display Port symbol showing in the top corner of the display ). During all this, game audio remains uninterrupted. I can't be sure but it looks like the display driver has been restarted by Windows due to a timeout??? 


The only game setting that gives a consistent 55 to 60 fps is the LOW setting. 


Attempting to set the game to ULTRA/HIGH settings while setting render scaling down to 85% substantially improves FPS, however, now the game will not only stutter frequently, it will also exhibit screen tearing, despite V-SYNC and Frame Smoothing enabled, and frame rate pegged to 60fps in game settings.


The only temporary fix i found for this (besides disabling crossfire) is to run the game at ULTRA/HIGH settings + 100% render scaling + Vsync ON + FRTC @ 60 fps + Video@ 1080 Full Screen and allow the GPU to perform the scaling to display. With this i can get 48 (ultra) to 58 (high) fps with no stutter or screen tearing. However the visuals just don't look as crispy sharp compared to when the game is configured to run at full screen native QHD resolution.


Someone from AMD care to respond to this?