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Power Control setting not being saved after reboot

Question asked by darkbeast on Apr 26, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2016 by kingfish

Using a 280X, Crimson 16.4.2, and Win 7 64.  I've set the Power Control limit to +20% but everytime I restart my pc it gets reset to 0. I use MSI Afterburner and have the option "Disable ULPS" checked.  Anybody know how to fix this? It's annoying to have to configure the setting everytime I start my pc.


Also is it normal for RadeonSettings.exe to be using 550 MB RAM when I'm in the Games tab? That seems like a lot. When I log into Windows and I don't touch Radeon Settings it's at 9 MB. When I open it it goes up to around 90 MB. Then when I click on the Games tab it shoots up to like 550 MB. After closing Radeon Settings it stays at around 200 MB. Why is it such a memory hog?