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Carrizo's Crimson 16.3 and later (lack of) support

Question asked by nukedathlonman on Apr 26, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2016 by nukedathlonman

Okay, my laptop is hounding me constantly to up date my Crimson drivers - and I have 16.2.1 installed, that last with Carrizo.  All Crimson drivers released since advertised "Carrizo" support.... Then there is a exemption line following, and this line lists every single last Carrizo APU released to date.  I've deactivated the notifications, however given that Carrizo isn't even a year old, all the releases after 16.2 (and it's 16.2.1) don't have support for Carrizo.  I hate being a pain - but is there an eta on when Crimson will support Carrizo again?  Does this also apply to Crimson in Linux (too scared to upgrade Kubuntu and find out that I have no video support)??  And I'm not the only person asking - there quite a few people on other forums that are starting to notice of this...