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    Fallout 4 & Crossfire



      I just updated to the newest beta drivers. My PC has an i7 3770k, an R9 290x and R9 290.


      Crossfire is still completely not working for Fallout 4. Most of the time the game just crashes on load, and when it does load properly a bunch of objects are flickering and transparent. Disabling Crossfire fixes all of these problems.


      What is going on with this? Why do I keep seeing "Fallout 4 fixed" in the Beta descriptions but nothing is ever fixed? Why does a six month old game not half proper Crossfire support, while a five year old DX9 game (Skyrim) does?


      This has been a frustrating experience to say the least. I bought two video cards for a reason, not for one of them to sit idle while my framerate is low.