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    Heaven 4.0 crash on 16.4.2 driver




      After about 23-24/26 into the benchmark the driver crash, and goes into blank screen. (Need to restart PC with reset button).

      Errer message in event viewer: amdkmdap stopped responding


      Running Crossfire 380's

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          We are investigating reports of display driver crashes with R9 380 GPUs. As a temporary workaround, please use Catalyst 15.11.1 Beta.

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            I had the same issue on heaven 4.0 and it seems to be a tessellation problem. So you either have to disable completely in the benchmark, or roll back to 16.3.1, which is the latest driver that works.

            It seems tessellation is broken from 16.3.2 up to the latest 16.4.2.

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                IIRC, Heaven is a really, really *old* benchmark.  You should consider whether back-installing your drivers simply to better support an *old* GPU benchmark won't disable the more recent game support that the newer drivers support.  Having trouble with Heaven 4.0 does not automatically mean that the drivers are "broken" and don't support tessellation in other games and benchmarks...


                If I owned a benchmark that was causing a system crash such as the one you describe I'd uninstall the benchmark...;)  So, what happens when you turn off xFire?

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                    If only heaven 4.0 would be affected by this issue i would be happy. But this is the only way i can reproduce the black screen + no signal issue on purpose, on all other games (Witcher 3,GTA 5,Dark Souls 3) it's completely random.

                    I wrote 5 detailed reports to AMD about this issue already.


                    I'm using a single card btw, not xfire.