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Presales Question - W4300 or 7750 with UEFI

Question asked by omniphonix on Apr 26, 2016
Latest reply on May 4, 2016 by omniphonix

I will not purchase a new graphics device that does not support UEFI. I am looking at the Visiontek 900798 7750 SFF or the Sapphire PGS FirePro W4300. I can't find a straight answer on whether either of these two cards support UEFI firmware. I need to replace the NVS 510 I purchased with an AMD card as the Nvidia drivers have too much DPC latency for a digital audio workstation. I do not require any 3D graphics performance, just 2 displays at 2K/60 (with option to add a third later). If I need to get this firmware direct from AMD, can I get this sent to me in advance of the purchase? If so, how?