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Can you lift the software imposed limit on what you want to allow HDMI1 ports to push?

Question asked by teabagxpress on Apr 27, 2016

Just like my tv doesnt have a port called hdmi2 but still has a weird port that can do 60hz 4k, just like my old engineering monitors use VGA to run at higher resolutions than VGA 'could possibly do' yet all my radeon and nividia cards still didn't limit their VGA output ports to what supposed "VGA experts" at the copyright lawyers office claimed on paper;  I noticed my 390x2 dual core Devils 13 CAN use its HDMI1 to push out more of a 60hz 4k that stutters way less than this 30FPS useless turd resolution AMD is forcing on me. (by 'way less' i mean not at all in ultra fast racing sports games vs the complete useless wreck that 30hz gives even to being here on my desktop when i move the mouse.)


To make this short, I played a game that finally took it into their hands to override my AMD radeon settings and its was clear as night and day the screen wasnt stuttering like 30hz/30fps does and my monitoring softwares all claimed it was doing 60fps.


Can you remove this obvious software limit? There was no need for the previous owners of ATI/Radeon to limit the VGA output because someone who made up the VGA specs merely claimed "it has a certain limit it cant pass". Like the VGA specs, HDMI1 specs seem to have been created as a minimum as to what all HDMI cables and outputs can do (even the cheapest flimsiest cables and worst quality outputs). Please allow us to push what we want out this port, or at least up to 60hz 4k (being allowed to mess around 30hz-60z will allow users to nail down the exacts of what their own cables and outputs can do). Users who push too far or use cheap cables will know right away they are going too far by the distortion that will appear; the rest of us I would love to see to be able to see what im currently seeing in a game which destroys the "you need hdmi 2.0" argument.


I would name the game for others to try but I would hate for AMD to contact this game and tell them they arent allowed overriding their settings that way if this is whats happening. It seems AMD and other companies move more towards limiting their users than not the past decade and I dont want to take any chances of loosing my only 60fps 4k game currently