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Displayport doesn't work with Active Adapter for 3rd monitor on Graphics Card R9 270.

Question asked by leoluck1 on Apr 27, 2016

I have 3 identical  LG Monitors LED 21,5" IPS widescreen 22MP55HQ-B that support 1920x1080 @60Hz each, and a Graphics Card R9 270, working with Windows 10. This GC is supposed to support up to 3 monitors on eyefinity mode and 4 using the displayport, but I only can get 2 monitors working,  even using an active displayport adapter. I use 2 DVI/HDMI cables, and a displayport with active adapter/DVI/HDMI.  The computer "uderstands" there are three monitors plugged in but only two send image. I thought it was a problem with the active adapter but if I plug the displayport/adapter/DVI/HDMI to a LED TV I can get the 3 images working. What can I do to put this image to the monitor?