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(16.4.2)(HD 7950) FRTC still don't work on DX 9 and 11 games for me, it only work on Drivers versions 16.2.1 and before, it do not work on ANY version after. Any way to fix it outside of rollback?

Question asked by alexisfr on Apr 26, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2016 by alexisfr

As I said, FRTC don't work anymore on Dx11 and 9 games on any version AFTER 16.2.1, and no one seems to have reported this issue, nor anyone at AMD seems to know about it.


I am using a Sapphire HD 7950 3GB Vapor-X


The only way for me to use FRTC is to rollback on 16.2.1. the last drivers, 16.4.2, don't fix the issue.

Is there any known workarounds?


Cheers, Alexis.