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Artlantis and latest drivers

Question asked by mikey33rs on Apr 26, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2016 by mikey33rs

Having problem with latest drivers, eighter 16.4.2 fix or 16.3.2. When opening rendering software Artlantis I got OpenGL errors (I think #132 and #133). After a lot of installing and unistalling both Artlantis and drivers trying different version I found that old drivers 15.12 work just fine.

My question is: anyone know whats the difference between those two version of drivers so maybe I could adjust settings in Catalyst application manager for Artlantis and disable whatever is added in new drivers?

Spec: FX-8350, XFX R9 380X, 850 Evo 250gb, Win10 Core x64




P.S. let me know if more info is needed.