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    Todays' Prompted Upgrade Ruining My Computer


      I posted a question and hour ago and it's disappeared. Today's upgrade has ruined my computer, so please don't just remove my question.


      1. I upgraded a few hours ago through an official AMD Upgrade prompt.


      2. I followed the prompt and immediately after the upgraded completed my computer started stalling, slowing, and freezing on nearly every action. And by every action I mean every mouse click, every typed word, every clicked link, and every scroll.


      3. I have restarted 5 times now and the first 3 restarts my computer went into a black screen with a message regarding "Watchdog Initialization". I have never had this black screen, this "Watchdog" message, or this excruciating behavior my computer has since the upgrade.


      How do I fix this??????!!!


      Please don't delete my question again, please help.


      - OS is Windows 10


      - HP Touch Pavillion 2014