Windows 10 build 14328, 14332 graphics issues - solved

Discussion created by ocium on Apr 25, 2016
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As a 'Windows Insider Fast Ring' user, my computer updated to build 14328 where I have not had any luck with the AMD Crimson drivers.  I have reverted to using an old Catalyst driver and things work fine (15.11.1 beta), however Windows 10 has a habit of updating my graphics driver - even though I have disabled hardware updates - which yields screen corruption.


It's easy to find out when this issue is about to happen, at the sign on screen I have no text visible where my name (or password input) would normally be.  Attempts to use the OS after signing on (say the Crimson Radeon Settings and Edge for example) cause the screen to stop refreshing.  The "Three Finger Salute" works, but any command after that causes the screen to freeze again.


Hopefully others have something to add.


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edit3 : Crimson 16.5.1 drivers also do not work.

edit4 : Windows build 14342 does work!