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    Windows 10 build 14328, 14332 graphics issues - solved




      As a 'Windows Insider Fast Ring' user, my computer updated to build 14328 where I have not had any luck with the AMD Crimson drivers.  I have reverted to using an old Catalyst driver and things work fine (15.11.1 beta), however Windows 10 has a habit of updating my graphics driver - even though I have disabled hardware updates - which yields screen corruption.


      It's easy to find out when this issue is about to happen, at the sign on screen I have no text visible where my name (or password input) would normally be.  Attempts to use the OS after signing on (say the Crimson Radeon Settings and Edge for example) cause the screen to stop refreshing.  The "Three Finger Salute" works, but any command after that causes the screen to freeze again.


      Hopefully others have something to add.


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      edit2 : added build 14332 to the header.

      edit3 : Crimson 16.5.1 drivers also do not work.

      edit4 : Windows build 14342 does work!

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          I'm having the same issue and couldn't find a different solution.

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            Build 14332 causes the same issue.

            - No text at sign-on screen.

            - Using 'Crimson Radeon Settings' or 'Edge' causes the screen to freeze and OS to stop responding.


            I have read that an older Crimson driver also fixes the issue, however I am yet to isolate the version number reported working.

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              This update is to help those trying to work around the 'Automatic Update' issue rolling back video drivers.  As mentioned in the first post, even though I was able to find a driver that allowed my system to work, the OS would find ways to *ehem* 'revert' the driver back to the latest AMD Crimson driver.


              First, the failures :

              One suggestion was to prevent all updates by modifying my network to a 'metered' connection.  Besides not really wanting to stop updates overall, I struggled modifying the permission to modify the regedit setting required to perform such a modification against a Ethernet network (WiFi looks much easier).


              Second was to 'Hide' the culprit update.  Regretfully, the AMD driver does not appear in the list of available updates to 'Hide'.


              And, as mentioned in the original post, disabling hardware updates via 'Advanced System Settings -> Hardware' does nothing.


              My current work around (knowing that the OS is only good for a few minutes before it freezes) :

              1. Get the video driver back to a clean slate.  Goal is to have the display driver listed as 'Microsoft Basic Video' or the card moved to the 'Other Devices' section.

              - Disable/pull out the network cable.

              - Go into 'Programs' and uninstall any driver related to AMD (Radeon settings or AMD Catalyst).

              - Reboot

              - In 'Device Drivers', if the video driver is still listed as AMD, right click, uninstall and tick the 'Delete' box.

              - Reboot

              *You may have to repeat the last few steps after rebooting as my system seemed to have a few spare versions of the AMD drivers to re-install.


              For me, eventually my card (R9 380 indecently) was listed as 'Microsoft Basic Video' under 'Display Adapters'.


              2. Install your driver.  Seems you most likely have the internet disabled, I assume you can do this via an offline install package.

              Reboot the system a few times and be comfortable the video card is working as you would expect.


              3. Prevent the OS from installing a new video driver.

              - Go into 'Device Manager' and expand your 'Display adapters'.

              - Open up the properties for your card.

              - Open the 'Details' tab.

              - Change the 'Property' to 'Hardware Ids'

              - Grab the first (longest) hardware id in the list, best save this in notepad on your desktop / somewhere you wont forget.

              - Open up "gpedit.msc" (via the start menu or [Windows Key] + [R])

              *Surprisingly it didn't get snitchy if I didn't open as administrator... you may have different luck.

              - Acknowledge any errors shown about namespaces already defined (if any, I had 4).

              - Expand : Local Comp. -> Comp. Config. -> Admin. Templates -> System -> Device Installation -> Device Installation Restrictions

              - Edit the setting 'Prevent installation of devices that match...'

              - Change from 'Not Configured' to 'Enabled'

              - Under 'Options' select 'Show...'

              - Paste the hardware ID you copied earlier into the value line.

              - [OK], [OK], [Close]


              After everything was closed, I rebooted.  Plugged in the network cable and straight up a 'AMD Driver' was ready to install via Windows Update.  After one attempt it said the update failed and left me with a 'Retry' button.  I clicked 'Retry', it updated my Defender definitions and I haven't seen the AMD driver since.  Windows Update now appears to be functioning normally with my desired video driver work around not being overwritten.


              This has enabled me to continue using my machine with the latest Windows build, albeit I now have to manually monitor the internet for any video driver fixes and reverse these steps.  If a fix comes in the form of a AMD driver, I normally pay close attention to new releases from AMD so I doubt I will miss it.  If it's a Windows Update, this is something I will have to own up to as making the problem more difficult for myself.


              To sign off, the reason I have put these details in a post is that this issue has not been officially listed as a 'Known Problem' on the Windows Insider site.  Because of this, I am doing my best to stay informed and I hope this information helps those scratching around the internet looking for anything to help them get their system back up and running without rolling back builds of Windows.

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                Also have absolutely same major problem!

                Have to be on MS basic driver for now...

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                  I'm having the exact same problem as well.


                  Has anyone tried the latest 4/25 driver? I just realized it was out and had only used the one from 4/4 I think before that.


                  I have found someone else with the issue in the feedback hub and have upvoted it.



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                    Was annoyed after updating to the latest insider and hit this issue. I at least got acceleration back up and running. This version of the driver installed and the problem doesn't seem present on my system anymore:




                    Hope that helps somebody facing the same issue. If anyone finds a solution with the latest drivers, please post here. Thanks

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                      Adding to the dogpile here:  I've been unable to use either 14328 or 14332 Win10 builds because of this Crimson driver (if that's what it is) issue (4790k cpu + FuryX).  Hopefully the community manager here cares enough to give a headsup to the driver team

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                          The technical support (ray_m) here has been asking me/us to "provide your feedback directly to Microsoft via their feedback channels".


                          As well as filling in those 'Feedback Hub' popups, I have been updating this forum at Microsoft.

                          AMD Graphic Card Driver Update Issue - Microsoft Community


                          The Microsoft forum support sais "drivers are released by manufacturers and it’s up to them to release the latest version which is windows 10 compatible".  Not that it's the forum support people's fault as I'm sure they are limited to what they can do internally, but it does feel like "go bang on their door" finger pointing.


                          I'm not too fussed who is to blame, but it feels like an uphill battle to get at least one company to come forward and say "we acknowledge this issue exists".  Knowing there is a light at the end of the tunnel means a lot.

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                          Installing Windows preview build 14342 does work and fixes the screen freeze (eventually BSOD) issue.


                          Note, if you blocked the driver using my notes in 'gpedit.msc' you will have to undo those changes.  I did this after installing the latest build and was surprised my 'blocking' was persistent through the build update.  A few uninstalls of the old driver and an install of Crimson 16.5.1 and I am up and running on the latest.

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                              True, it IS fixed, finally...!


                              BUT, what worries me is that it is not acknowledged, namely it newer was in the Known issues, and neither is it in the Fixed issues!!

                              So it COULD popup again anytime!

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                                  As already stated, issues with Windows Insider builds must ONLY be reported to Microsoft, which will then work with the AMD team on these reported issues.

                                  Such issues will never be mentioned in the Fixed or Known issues in the release notes.

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                                      Just to precise, I did mean that they do not mention it in the Microsoft release notes, in the Fixed or Known issues for Build 14342 (nor in the Known for buidls 14328 or 14332 ), not in the AMD ones!

                                      Scince it is OBVIOUSLY an MS issue, and it was A BIG ONE...


                                      And I did as well as many reported it in the MS 'Feedback Hub'.

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                                      I agree with the concern about lack of acknowledgement and future implications.  However, ray_m here has at least been monitoring this thread and I believe has been helpful in stating a clear direction to report the issue, the 'Feedback Hub'.


                                      Over at the Microsoft forum I have ben updating ( http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/insider/forum/insider_wintp-insider_devices/amd-graphic-card-driver-update-issue/02e8…  ), I cannot say I have had the same helpful direction.  It has been a plain finger point at AMD with no official statement other than "drivers are released by manufacturers and it’s up to them to release the latest version which is windows 10 compatible".  Technically AMD have done so with the release build, but it's a ordinary statement to make when this was posted by Microsoft in the 'Windows Insider Preview' forum.  I have asked (on the Microsoft forum) to at least acknowledge the 'Feedback Hub' is the best place to report issues so their is a consistent response from respective 'Forum Support Staff'... ignored.


                                      Regardless of the correct path, I had a better response from AMD senior staff than I have Microsoft.

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                                    "Edit4" \o/

                                    Finally MS fixed this.