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The latest update disabled my PC

Question asked by lostatsea on Apr 25, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2016 by amdmatt

I haven't upgraded my drivers since building my rig last summer, because if it aint broke don't fix it and this is exactly why...


CCC has been notifying me of a new driver whenever my PC boots up so I click "remind me later"


I believe it was the 23rd when suddenly I went to go use my PC and I noticed the CCC had changed its appearance entirely, despite my PC never rebooting or anything. I figured it probably auto-updated the CCC and maybe the driver too without my permission. Afterburner stopped being able to apply my overclock and my monitoring software no longer recognized the temps and speeds of my GPU. I was able to apply the overclock through the new Overdrive in CCC though, and continued using my PC normally.


Well today I went to use my PC and the screen kept going black at the login screen (Windows 10) no cursor or anything. I tried rebooting but never worked so I did a system restore to the 23rd which was the last auto restore point and checked to see what would be affected by this. Of course, it said CCC and AMD Driver and that CCC might not work correctly after the restore. SO I did it and my PC was able to boot but the screen looked all messed up and gritty with weird horizontal lines. So I uninstalled the GPU from the Device Manager and rebooted and now everything is back to how it was before this mysterious update. What kind of show is AMD running here? This is unacceptable, I thought my GPU DIED!